Window air conditioning aims at regulating the temperatures within the room. Installation of window air conditioner is reliable and straightforward, and it avoids the cost of installing the central air cooling system which is very expensive to fix. When the summer ends the heat dies down, and the units can be easily removed and stored for future use.

Installing an air conditioner involves several steps that one has to consider which includes:

Choose the location of the unit. Close to the Center of the room and on the shady side of the room is the best situation of the window air conditioner. Units located during afternoons hours will require to work hard to cool the will also need to position the units near an outlet to avoid using the extension cord and if it must be used, one must use the only rated extension for window air conditioner use.

Prepare and critically examine the window and the surrounding area. Inspect the window and the sashes for any damage or rot and repair it if necessary. A rotten roof sill can be bad for air conditioning unit if mounted on it since if damaged the repair will not be easy. it is also crucial to do away with any obstacles that may interfere with the installation of the air conditioning is also required to clear the area around the window to ensure that it is easily accessible since air conditioners are awkward to handle and therefore one must keep them free from tripping hazards

Installing the brackets. This stage is optional, and it is done if the window requires the brackets. Some. Units may need to be fixed to the outside of the window and need to be kept at the same height after installation. Installation of the brackets into metal frames or wood frames requires metal screws or wood screws respectively.

Fix and ensure security the unit in the window opening. It involves opening the window to provide enough space for positioning the unit and also collapsing the accordion panels inwards to ensure that the units are installed easily without any obstacle. Vigilantly lower the unit in the opening and regulate the sash cult o tightly hold the unit into position. If there is any difficulty with an angle that the unit should be positioned one may check the owner’s manual that usually provides since some units need to be fixed at a certain angle while some units require to be angled backward to aid the drainage of the condensed vapor during summer.

The next thing is expanding the accordion panels outward to reach the edges of the window and tightly screw them into the bottom sash if in case the holes are not present then pilot holes should be drilled at the bottom of the sash to prevent the wood from separating. However, some window air conditioners will come with angle brackets that prevent the window sash from moving upward after the installation of the air conditioner. Alternatively, one can cut a two by a 2-inch stock of exact length required from the top of the bottom window sash to the top frame of the window and the wedging of the stock between the two.

Insulation and weatherproofing. It involves sealing the opening with a foam weatherstrip kit which is usually bought with the air conditioner, or if not provided purchase one from the electrical shops since the window is now open. There will be a gap between the two panes of glass.also if the window faces the area of the house that receives a high amount of rain and air it is advisable to look for watertight and airtight facilities respectively. These caulking facilities will also keep pests from entering through the installed window air condition.

Plug it in the air conditioner unit. Here one is recommended to use the properly rated power supply for a unit and also proper extension cords which are rated for heavy current.

While installing the window air conditioner, one must take into account the following precautions:

Do not install the appliance while it is connected to power supply.

The installation and repair must be done by a qualified technician as indicated by the manufacturer.

Ensure grounding after installation.

In conclusion, by carefully following the above steps the window air conditioners will be installed successively and also serve the intended purpose and enjoy the breeze during summer periods.