There are a variety of air conditioners when it comes to size and type, but they all have similar parts and components. In order to increase the performance and functionality of the AC, it is vital to regularly clean them which helps improve the efficiency and the lifespan of the device. Cleaning an AC requires some little technical knowledge but also common sense prevails.

Most people who have glass air conditioners usually call professionals to help them clean their ac’s filters when they become clogged with dirt and grime. These professionals usually cost you a lot of money and what they do not let you know if you can clean the filters yourself and save a bit of money which can be used for other purposes. If you’re you do not know how to go about it, here are simple steps that you can follow:

A standard window air conditioner is easy to clean all you need is a variety of screwdrivers, a vacuum cleaner, a few old rags, a spray or degreaser, and an old toilet brush or bottle brush and a little bit of patience.

Before cleaning, always remember to unplug the air conditioner and ensure you have the right gear like some goggles and gloves.

Make sure that you dismember the parts of the unit properly, you can keep a “screw card”, or separate the different types of screws so that you will not have a hard time assembling them.

The inner parts of an air conditioner are very sensitive, so you want to remove all the dust very carefully and then spray the unit with the degreaser (follow the instructions carefully)

The most important part of an AC is the condenser coil is where the cold air emanates from. It is located near or inside where the blower fan is mostly is and it should be handled with care. Since the former is placed outside, it may be difficult to clean, as most of the dirt will accumulate on it. To thoroughly clean the window air conditioner, you should remove its back and front panels and store it on a dry, even surface.

Use a soft coil brush to brush the two coils efficiently. If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner, ensure it has some soft brush since these parts you aim to clean are normally very delicate. You must also vacuum all surfaces of the air conditioner, especially those of the grille and the underside of the cover panels. After you remove the dirt, you can also clean it with water with a spray or hose.

Make sure that you do not wet the motor or other electronic parts inside the unit. The pressure used should be very low and therefore should be hydropower because you do not want to bend or damage the fins. When cleaning you realize that one of your fins is damaged simply fix it with a fin comb. You can use coil cleaning products available on the market to clean from the inside. They are available from your air conditioning dealer.

Depending on whether you have a disposable or reusable filter, you must either buy a new or a new filter or clean the old one. Clean a reusable device by cleaning it with the degreaser in very hot water, and soak it for about 15 minutes, after that then hang it up to dry while you get on the rest of the unit. You can rinse them again once again with water. This will ensure that all the dust particles have been completely removed.

Additionally, when cleaning your window air conditioning, you can also use a coil coating treatment, which helps keep dirt out of these coils for a long time. Next, check your filter. You can clean it with water, but be careful with electrical parts nearby.

Once you are done, attach the covers back to their plates. These are the basic steps of cleaning an air conditioner which would be very helpful in increasing the efficiency of the unit.

It is also important to dry out the base of the unit to ensure that there’s no water left. You need to dry it for a few hours before reassembling the parts of the unit.