Best Window Fans of 2019 – Reviews

The hot weather creeps up you, and most of the time you feel unprepared. For a lot of us, the office is the last place that gets a fan, so something convenient is often the best option. It doesn’t matter what room you are looking to cool, a window fan should be portable, and can move with you at your convenience. Strength is something we will consider, there is no point in buying a window fan that barely cools you down. The better models will have extra features such as temperature control, fan speed, and directional change. Stay comfortable by using one of the best window fans on the market.

Top List of Best Window Fans

#1. Air King 9166F 20

A great fan that brings the coolness of the outside in, and even sends the stale air out if required. With three speeds, it is always lubricated and ready to go. The plastic is impact resistant making it durable enough to fall from the window and still perform. A slim product that won’t take over a room, the Air King 9166F has a storm guard, which means you can shut the window behind it when the weather turns for the worse. It fits anything between 27″ to 38″. Select your speed from the front panel once you have used the mounting hardware to fit it into place. An industrial-grade window fan that is one of the most powerful on the market, you will want one in every room.

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#2. Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control Window Fan

One of the leading brands in the industry, Bonaire have created a window fan that you can adjust from the comfort of your desk or bed. Thanks to the remote control, you can change the temperature with the click of a button. The built-in thermostat lets you choose your desired temperature, helping you stay cool in the hot months. It is remarkably quiet for a product of this type and the blades are reversible electrically rather than manually. Bionaire have included some nice touches to make this an affordable window fan that is cost efficient and really works to keep you comfortable.

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#3. Genesis Window Fan

With 9 inch blades, this window fan has lots of features when keeping the temperature down as the room warms up. Choose from low, medium or high from the simple front panel and enjoy the breeze from the dual motors. The copper motors are durable and built to withstand exposure to adverse weather. The side panels expand to fit most window spaces with an additional 6.5″ of space that can be made available either side. The LED lights help you to track the temperature making this a great value window fan. A lightweight fan, you can pick it up and move via the carry handle to take it to another window with ease.

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#4. Holmes Dual 8

Designed to fit most standard window frames it has an adjustable screen that extends to fir the frame. These extenders can stretch to around 37″ if required. You get a lot of options with this window fan and it even has reversible motors. Use them to take in air, or for full room circulation, even send the air out the other way if necessary. With LED controls and options for setting the temperate, this product can be used to suit your needs. It also uses 60% less energy which is great for the environmentally conscious. A better than most window fan that can be found in many window frames.

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#5. Woozoo HD18NU Whole Room Circulator Fan

If moving a window fan around the house is something you see yourself doing, then this compact fan is a great option. There is more to it than just its convenient size, this fan packs a real punch. More powerful than it looks, it comes with three speeds so you don’t have to struggle in the heat. The 7″ fan blade comes in both oscillating and non-oscillating versions. Move it into different positions to heat all parts of the room, and enjoy the relaxing breeze with little in the way of noise. Quiet so it’s not intrusive, but also a gentle whirr that offers a little white noise when you sleep. It covers an area of up to 275 square ft.

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#6. Bovado USA Twin Window Fan

This product reached our list because of many reasons, but partly due to the remote control that allows you to change the settings, even reversing the air from where you sit. The locking extenders help you to fit this product to larger windows and are simple to use. The summer months are hot and sticky, the kind of weather that attracts bugs. To stop them from becoming a problem, Bovado has installed a bug net and cover which attaches to the back of the fan. It can take the humid air out of your home, then pump a cool breeze via the 9″ turbo blades.

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#7. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

For a fan with a thermostat, Holmes has made a simple product that really works. The high/low dial allows you to adjust the temperature of your room, and fill it with a cool breeze that helps you to get comfortable. It is 60% more energy efficient than standard cooling systems. The slim design makes it less intrusive, and the adjustable panel allows you to get it into place without any fuss. Because it is light to pick up, move it from the bedroom in the morning, and into the office. Holmes have included a 1-year warranty. With water resistant motors, you can use it in rainy weather without an issue.

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#8. HowPlumb Dual Blade 9-Inch Window Fan

A compact system that expands to fit regular window sizes of widths from 22.5″ – 33″. You can manually adjust the fn to push out the stuff summer air when needed. A problem that many people face when their window fan is idyl, is that bugs can find their way into the room. Not only is this adding another problem onto the hot weather, but some of them bite. To remedy this, the HowPlumb Dual Blade 9-Inch Window Fan comes with a fabric cover that keeps bugs, and unwanted hot air away. The removable feet mean you can move it from room to room and put it on any flat surface.

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#9. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan HAWF2021

A simple looking fan, but a useful kit that has extendable sides, allowing it to fit most standard window sizes up to 32″. There is an exhaust option with this model and because it is so lightweight, it can be moved from room to room with ease. The simple two speed function is adjustable via the front panel. Known for being a quiet window fan on low mode, it doesn’t need the added extras of some of the better models to do its job. Those sticky summer nights will be a thing of the past when the motor starts turning, and you can get a comfortable sleep. A useful addition to any home, the Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan is simple, yet effective.

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#10. Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9-inch Twin Window Fan

A window fan for those on a budget. It doesn’t have the capability of some of the more expensive models, but that is to be expected. Still, there is value to be had in the two speed system that includes a gentler breeze that is nice and quiet. The adjustable expanders are lockable, so they stay in place. The window fan fits 22.1/4 to 33″ windows and has a two way system that can provide cool air, or at the switch of the exhaust, push out humid air. The sturdy feet means it can be moved to a desktop or around your home. Comfort Zone have made a neat product that will keep you cool when you most need it.

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