Home humidifiers can help soothe a person’s mucous membranes, which not only makes it easier to breathe but also helps to relieve allergy symptoms, reduce the chances of developing sinus infections and help ease respiratory issues. However, that isn’t the only benefits that these systems convey to the home. They also help to keep the home comfortable all year long.

The two biggest problems that people have when shopping for the best whole house humidifiers are not having enough general knowledge about these units and not knowing which models are the best. Fortunately, this guide is going to solve both of those problems by listing the best models currently available.

Top List of Best Whole House Humidifiers

#1. Aprilaire 800 Home Steam Humidifier

Even though this model requires a little bit more care in its installation that other whole-house humidifiers, it conveys some distinct benefits that can’t be supplied by competing models. This product can provide coverage for a home up to 6,200 square feet in size, and it can add anywhere from 12 to 34.6 gallons of moisture into the air per day. And because this is a steam humidifier and not an evaporative one, purified water isn’t required for it to run properly. Additional features found on this humidifier include dual digital sensors, 6 output levels, and the ability to respond to both indoor and outdoor humidity levels.

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#2. Aprilaire 700 Automatic Home Humidifier

With a design that allows it to deliver more moisture into the air than comparable whole-home humidifiers, this model is sure to be a welcome addition to any home. It’s designed for homes up to 4,200 square feet in size and has an evaporative capacity of 0.75-gallons per hour. This makes it one of the highest capacity humidifiers currently available. Another thing to like about this unit is that it has real automatic control, so the homeowner doesn’t always have to adjust it to get the results they desire. Other features found on this model include a relative humidity indicator, a temperature indicator, and a vital service indicator.

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#3. Aprilaire 600-Series Automatic Humidifier

Since the mid-1950s, Aprilaire has been creating evaporative humidifiers for forced-air furnaces that do a great job of maintaining proper home humidity levels, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are continuing that tradition. They make great humidifiers, and this model is the perfect example of that fact. This model has a capacity of 17-gallons per day and can restore humidity levels to a home up to 4,000 square feet in size. It’s designed with dual-digital sensors that quickly and accurately respond to changing home humidity levels and then activates the blower accordingly. Keeping all of these things in consideration, this humidifier is one that’s sure to do the job for most people.

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#4. Aprilaire 500M Manual Furnace Humidifier

This quality humidifier is not only made in the U.S from quality components, but it’s also designed to do a great job restoring home humidity levels. This model has a capacity of 12-gallons per day and can restore the humidity levels of a home up to 3,000 square feet in size. Because this model is a manual humidifier and not a digital humidifier, there’s only one sensor that maintains the indoor humidity of the home. This means that there’s less of a chance of product failure. All of these features combine to make this a great whole-house humidifier that’s suitable for just about any home.

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#5. Aircare MA1201 Digital Home Humidifier

This console humidifier is not only a compact unit but it’s also very powerful. Even though it only measures 20.5×21.5×14.5-inches in size, it’s capable of adding humidity to a room up to 3,600 square feet in size. Another thing to like about this unit is that it’s easy-to-fill, easy-to-clean and has a digital humidistat that maintains desired humidity levels quite easily. Additional features that can be found on this model include an automatic shutoff, a 3.6-gallon tank, check the filter and refill indicators, caster for easily moving the unit around the home, and 4 different fan speeds.

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#6. Aircare 831000 Space-Saver Humidifier

Want to restore home humidity levels but don’t want to buy a gigantic humidifier? If that’s the case, then you may want to check out this whole house humidifier. This model has a maximum run time of approximately 70-hours and is capable of restoring the humidity levels of a 2,700 square foot home in no time flat. And yet, it only requires 6-gallons of water and can be easily moved when necessary. Other features found on this humidifier include a trap max filter that pulls out impurities, a water refill indicator, and a check filter indicator. It’s also equipped with an auto-shutoff for hassle-free operation.

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#7. Venta LW15 2-In-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier

Anyone trying to figure out whether they want a humidifier or air purifier may want to investigate the value of this model. That’s because it’s a 2-in-1 model that’s capable of not only restoring humidity levels in spaces up to 200 square feet in size but is also capable of purifying the air as well. This product has a 1.4-gallon water reservoir, has an auto-shutoff and water level indicator, and doesn’t require a filter. It can remove pollen, dust, and dander from the air, all while remaining energy-efficient and restoring humidity levels. And it’s backed by a 10-year warranty that’s a pretty good indicator of how well it’s built.

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#8. Aircare EP9 800 Pedestal Humidifier

This pedestal humidifier not only has an attractive look to it, but it’s also extremely portable and can service a home up to 2,400 square feet in size. This model is only 18x18x27.5-inches in size and weighs only 27-pounds, but it’s capable of restoring humidity levels in a moderately-sized home in a flash. This model features 9 different fan speeds, so the consumer can set it to their ideal performance level, and it has a digital humidistat that maintains humidity levels with pinpoint accuracy. It even has an automatic shutoff that will turn the unit off when either the unit is empty, or the proper humidity levels have been reached.

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#9. Honeywell Whole Home Humdifier HE360A

There’s no reason any home should have air as dry as a desert, especially since this model is ready to service a home up to 4,200 square feet in size. This whole-home humidifier is a flow-through model, which not only helps to keep it clean but also helps to lower the amount of maintenance a homeowner has to put into it. Although this product does require the purchase of an installation kit, once it’s installed it works extremely well and helps to maintain proper humidity levels in the home. This model can be mounted on the return air duct of any forced-air furnace or warm air supply and is designed to provide years of service.

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#10. Aircare 696 Evaporative Humidifier

An evaporative humidifier is exactly what some people need to keep humidity levels in their home at optimal levels. A house with the proper humidity levels will reduce the chances of the flu virus being able to survive during the winter months and will help to reduce static electricity, which can help protect home electronics. And this model does a great job of maintaining those humidity levels. This model can service a home up to 3,600 square feet in size, has a digital readout that displays humidity levels, and also has a refill indicator that shows when the water bottles need to be refilled.

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