Mist humidifiers are designed to raise the humidity levels in a home and to purify the air at the same time. This helps to reduce problems that can occur from dry air, problems that include an increased risk of sinus infections or an increased likelihood of catching the flu. And that is what makes them such a great addition to any home.

The best warm mist humidifiers also convey a few additional benefits over their cool mist cousins. Bacteria are less likely to breed in warm mist humidifiers, and they’re also great for winter use to prevent colds and nasal infections. That’s why we’ve decided to list the ten best models below.

Top List of Best Warm Mist Humidifiers

#1. TTLife Ultrasonic Large Room Humidifier

This warm-mist humidifier has so many features it’s a bit difficult to squeeze them all in just one description, but we’ll certainly give it a try. This model has a large 5.5-liter capacity that provides up to 40-hours of continuous use when used as a cool-mist humidifier, or for a small reduction of run-time, it can be operated as a warm-mist humidifier. It also features smart humidity sensing and has an LED screen that shows the room’s humidity in real-time. Additional features found on this unit include a built-in ionic generator, a sleep mode and it even has an aromatherapy mode.

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#2. Proscenic Dual-Mode Adjustable Humidifier

With a compact modern design that looks good in any home and a wide range of important features that make it a great humidifier to use. It’s equipped with a 5.5-liter water tank that’s easy to fill and allows for up to 36-hours of operation at a time. This device also has a 7-speed fear adjustment and even has an aromatherapy function built-in. Another key feature that can be found in this unit is that it can be controlled by an app and even supports Alexa voice control. And since it has an intelligent humidity sensor, it will keep a room’s humidity under precise control.

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#3. Vogvigo Large Room 5.5-Liter Humidifier

This product is made with a sleek black ABS plastic that’s BPA-free and makes this humidifier look good in any room of the house. This humidifier isn’t just a nice looking unit, however. It also has several features that make it one of the best warm mist humidifiers currently available. It has a capacity of 5.5-liters, so it can handle rooms up to 750 square feet in size, and it doesn’t have to be constantly refilled to be used. It can moisturize the air for 40-hours of continuous operation, and it’s very quiet, so it can be used in nurseries or bedrooms.

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#4. Polardo Ultrasonic Cool & Warm-Mist Humidifier

This dual-mode humidifier not only has a unique design that sets it apart from many of the other humidifiers being sold nowadays, but it also has quite a few features that make it unique as well. This model has a 1-gallon water tank that uses an ultrasonic operation to release either cool or warm mist into the air. It’s capable of providing mist for a room up to 485 square feet in size, and it only needs to be filled up once every 24-hours. It also provides air ionization thanks to its antibacterial silver ion filter and even comes with an essential oil box so it can be used for aromatherapy if desired by the consumer.

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#5. Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

This warm-mist humidifier has convenient controls and a large 2-gallon tank that makes it a great addition to just about any home. It can run for approximately 120-hours and can be used for both medium or large-size rooms. Since it used ultrasonic technology to operate, this unit is also quieter than many comparable models available on the market today. And because it is a dual-mode humidifier, it can also be used as a cool-mist humidifier if necessary. Additional features found on this unit include an aromatherapy tray option, a 5-foot long cord, and a Silver Clean Protection feature that prohibits the growth of mildew in the water tank.

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#6. Levoit Ultrasonic Whole Home Humidifier

This warm-mist humidifier has a modern design and operation that makes it perfect for just about any home. It features a large 1.6-gallon water tank and has a mist output of approximately 500 Ml per hour. It also runs extremely quietly and has an LED screen that makes it easy to use. Although it’s digital screen makes it easy to operate, this feature can be easily turned off if the user wants to place the humidifier in their bedroom. Other features found on this unit include an auto-shutoff, an aroma diffuser, a remote control, and an easy-to-operate timer.

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#7. Crane Classic Warm Ultrasonic Humidifier

Not only is this humidifier a nice looking unit that fits in well with any room’s decor, but it’s also one that can humidify a room up to 500 square feet in size. It has a 1-gallon tank and whisper-quiet operation that allows it to run silently for up to 12-hours at a time. It’s a model that has two features, so it can be used as both a cool-mist and warm-mist humidifier. It also has an auto-off feature that turns it off when it’s tank has been emptied, so the user doesn’t have to think about it while they’re using it. And because it doesn’t require a filter to run, it’s easier to use than many comparable humidifiers.

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#8. SPT Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Humidifier

This model is great for anyone who can’t decide on whether they want to buy a cool-mist or a warm-mist humidifier because it can operate both ways. This model can cover up to 500 square feet and it can be used in either cool-mist or warm-mist mode. It also features an ION exchange filter and has ultrasonic output. When operated in warm-mist mode, it can provide up to 10-hours of air moisture. When operated in cool mist mode, it can provide up to 12-hours of air moisture. Other features found on this humidifier include auto-shutoff protection, a 4-liter water tank, and a humidity output of approximately 400 ccs per hour.

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#9. Honeywell Filter-Free Humidifier

This humidifier might look like any other warm mist humidifier available, but it has quite a few features that set it apart. It doesn’t have a filter, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about it, and it has a 1-gallon tank capacity. This humidifier is capable of running up to 24-hours on one tank of water and is specifically designed to operate in medium-sized rooms. And because it helps to keep humidity levels in said-room between 40 & 60%, it can help lessen the chance of a person getting sinus infections or dealing with dry skin during the cold winter months.

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#10. Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks has been producing warm mist humidifiers for quite some time now and their expertise shows in this model. This humidifier produces a mist that’s 95% bacteria-free, so it’s suitable for use in kid’s bedrooms, baby’s nurseries, bedrooms, or anywhere else it’s needed. It can be used with just purified water, or it can be used with Vicks VapoSteam to produce medicated vapors. That’s why this model has earned numerous awards, including a Good Housekeeping award for being one of the top five humidifiers this year. And that’s good enough for us, and good enough to allow this humidifier to make our list.

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

A Guide To Buying A Quality Humidifier

In the good old days when consumers needed a humidifier, they had it pretty easy. There wasn’t a large variety of different models available, so the consumer could just head down to their local drugstore and pick up whatever model they had. Usually, that was good enough for most people and people didn’t feel like they had to put up with a model that wasn’t right for them.

Nowadays, things are a little bit different. Now consumers are used to the wide variety of different humidifiers, so if they don’t find one that fits in perfectly with their needs, then they feel like they’ve been slighted in some way. And this leads many people to spend hours scrolling through countless humidifier models to find the one they’re not going to be disappointed in using. 

We want to take some of the pain out of buying these products, so we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject. It’s our hope that this guide will help all of our readers find the humidifier that suits their needs, so they don’t have to search through a variety of different models. Does that sound okay? Well, if it does, then let’s begin our buying guide by choosing between the best warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. 

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers are one of the cheapest humidifier options and are good for raising the humidity levels in the home when the air is too dry. This makes this a good product for using during the winter months to keep your sinuses in good condition. Dry sinuses can make a person more susceptible to developing respiratory infections, so these humidifiers can be good as a preventive measure during the cold winter months.

Unfortunately, once a person has developed a respiratory infection such as a cold or maybe a sinus infection, then they’re going to want to avoid using a warm mist humidifier. That’s because these warm mist humidifiers can cause mucous membranes to swell slightly and this can make it more difficult for sick people to breathe. Just something people should think about when purchasing a new warm mist humidifier. 

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Many of the humidifier models sold nowadays are the cool mist variety, so they should be easy to find. These are the humidifiers that consumers might want to purchase if they’re dealing with some sort of cold or respiratory infection. They do tend to costs a little bit more than cool mist humidifiers but when a person is dealing with a cold, the price difference can be a minor inconvenience compared to the relief they’ll feel from using it. 

Think About The Size Of The Model Needed

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to think about when choosing a new humidifier is the size of the room or rooms they need it to service. If the consumer just wants to use the model while they’re sleeping, then a tabletop model might be appropriate for their needs. On the other hand, if they’re trying to use the humidifier for several rooms or the entire home, then they’re going to have to choose a larger model. 

Think About How Many Levels Of Mist It Provides

Does the humidifier provide just one steady stream of mist or is there a way for the consumer to set the mist as they desire? That’s the next question the consumer should ask themselves. Some models just put out a steady stream, but other models allow the consumer to set the appropriate mist level. 

For example, one of the humidifiers we’ve reviewed has three different mist levels. On low, the unit produces 200 mL an hour, on medium the unit produces 300 mL of mist an hour, and on high the unit produces 550 mL an hour.  

Think About Adjustable Nozzles

Another feature that can make or break an otherwise ordinarily fine humidifier is adjustable nozzles. While some of the cheaper models only point the mist in one direction—usually straight up, some of the higher quality models have nozzles that can be adjusted. Some of these models allow for a 180-degree rotation, while others allow for a full 360-degrees of rotation. Rotating nozzles can be a great way of putting mist exactly where it’s needed. 

Let’s Talk About The Humidistat

Another thing that the consumer might want to consider is purchasing a model with a humidistat. A humidistat will shut the unit off when it has reached a particular humidity level. This can save the consumer some money or prevent the unit from running out of water prematurely. Not all humidifiers have this feature, however, so consumers should think about whether they need it or not. 

Remote Control Operation

Some of the models that we’ve liked had remote control operation and we think that it can be a very handy feature for a unit to have. A feature that allows the consumer to turn on or off the unit without getting up from their recliner or out of bed. 

Some Final Features To Consider

As we come to the conclusion of the guide, we thought that we’d list some of the other features that consumers might want to consider before they purchase a new warm mist humidifier. Although not all of the features below will be wanted by everyone, there are some features that consumers might want to think about before they put down good money on a new humidifier. 

  • Easy-To-Fill Feature
  • Child Safety Locks
  • Aromatherapy Boxes
  • Built-In Timer
  • LED Display
  • Digital Controls