Through the wall AC units, otherwise known as wall-mounted air conditioners, allow homeowners to enjoy the convenience and comfort of cooling down a room but do it without using access to a window. Although the units do require a little bit more initial installation than a regular air conditioner, once installed they do a great job of cooling down a room. To show our readers just how well these models work, and to provide them with a selection of some of the top models available, we’ve decided to list the top ten best through the wall air conditioners that are currently available for purchase.

Top List of Best Through The Wall Air Conditioners

#1. Koldfront WTC12001W 12,000 BTU AC Unit

Even though this through the wall air conditioner requires the purchase of a wall sleeve for it to be properly installed, it’s still one of the best AC units currently around. This model has 12,000 BTUs of power, so it can easily cool down rooms as large as 550 square feet in size. This model also has four-way directional louvers, four standard AC operating modes, and three standard fan speeds. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control that allows it to be operated from across the room, and it also has a sleep function and energy sleep mode.

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#2. Frigidair 12,000 BTU 115-Volt Air Conditioner

Backed by 12,000 BTU of cooling power, this through the wall air conditioner is more than capable of cooling rooms up to 500 square feet in size quickly and efficiently. It can also remove over 3-pints of water from the air when it’s running on high. This highly-efficient model uses a standard 115-Volt electrical outlet, and it has a classic design that allows it to fit in with any home decor. Additional features found on this AC unit includes an easy-to-rinse dust screen, three different cooling speeds, three different fans speeds, a filter replacement alert system, and a programmable timer.

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#3. Friedrich Chill Series AC With Electric Heat

Even though this air conditioner is only designed for rooms up to 350 square feet in size, it’s a great combination of price, performance, and energy efficiency. This model also has a classic design that allows it to fit into just about any home’s decor. It’s a unit that runs quietly, has four-way airflow control, and is easy to install and use. It also features an auto restart that saves the user’s settings in the event of a power failure. And to top it all off, this unit even has a 24-hour time that lets the user program on/off times for the maximum operating efficiency possible.

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#4. Friedrich EP18G33B 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

Anyone who needs to cool a room as large as 1,000 square feet in size is probably going to want to purchase this air condition. That’s because it’s equipped with 18,000 BTUs of cooling prowess that can cool rooms down in a flash. And it can cool down said room while keeping noise to a bare minimum. Other features of this AC unit include air sweep louvers that keeps the air moving around the room, and the ability to run the power cord down either side or out of the front of the unit.

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#5. LG LT1016CER 9,800 BTU White AC Unit

This air conditioner unit from LG isn’t the most powerful one available, nor is it the most inexpensive. What it is, however, is one of the more energy-efficient through the wall AC units that are currently available. This model os designed to be less polluting and to lower the carbon footprint of people who use it. It’s also designed to be extremely durable and is even equipped with a gold-fin coating that helps it resist corrosion. Although this model can only cool a room up to 440 square-feet in size, it can do it in a way that helps make it more energy-efficient.

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#6. LG 11,2000 BTU White Air Conditioner

Designed specifically for through the wall installation, the LG LT1237HNR is an air conditioner that can fit wall sleeves from 24.5-inches to 27-inches in size. This model is approximately 24-inches wide, 20.1-inches deep, and 14.4-inches high. It’s made with a patented fin configuration that’s been coated with a gold material to help preserve its life and to help it resist corrosion. This model is equipped with three pre-programmed cooling modes and two fan speeds, so it’s capable of cooling room up to 500 square feet in size. It also has a dry mode that can remove over 3 pints of moisture per hour.

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#7. Keystone 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner With Remote

This through the wall AC unit is designed to fit just about any home. It doesn’t matter if the home has never had a wall-mounted unit or if it’s a replacement for an existing unit because it’s installation is designed to be very flexible. This model will fit existing 24.5-inch to 27-inch sleeves, even if those sleeves are made by other manufacturers. It’s approximately 20.3-inches deep, 24.2-inches wide and 14.5-inches high, and comes with everything needed to retrofit it to an existing sleeve. If there isn’t an existing sleeve, then the consumer can always purchase one separately to install this unit properly. Either way, it’s sure to meet the cooling needs of anyone who installs it.

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#8. Keystone 12,000 BTU Energy Saver Air Conditioner

How much cooling power does a 12,000 BTU air condition provide? It provides enough power to cool down a room as large as 550 square feet quickly and easily. That isn’t the only thing this AC unit is capable of doing, however. It’s also capable of dehumidifying the air by removing up to 2.5 pints of moisture per hour. This unit also has three different cooling speeds, three different fan speeds, and has an automatic cool that makes it all the more convenient to use. Other features found on this model include a temperature sensing LCD remote, an energy saver mode and a programmable 24-hour timer.

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#9. Emerson Quiet Kool 14K BTU AC Unit

This through the wall AC unit is white and has a very basic design, so it fits in perfectly with just about anyone’s home decor. Great looks and style aren’t the only features that these units will provide, however. They also have plenty of power to cool rooms down in a flash. This 3-in-1 unit has a fan, dry and cool modes that can be used to keep rooms cool and comfortable, all while saving energy. It’s a 230-Volt unit that has 14,000 BTU of power and is capable of cooling rooms as large as 750 square feet down easily. And it also has great features like an auto-restart, 3 different fan speeds, and an energy-saver mode.

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#10. Friedrich Uni-Fit Series 8,000 BTU AC Unit

The main advantage of the Friedrich Uni-Fit air conditioner is that it was designed to replace the existing through the wall air conditioners that a person may already have in their home. That means that this unit will fit in not only 24.5-inch wall openings, but can also be fit into 26 and 27-inch wall sleeves–including the sleeves provided by this company’s competitors. That allows almost everyone to get benefit out of this high-quality unit. This AC unit has 6-way air-flow control, is equipped with a 3-speed fan, and comes with remote control. All of which makes it a good unit for cooling down a room or exhausting stale air outside

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

A Guide To Through The Wall Air Conditioners

Through-the-wall AC units are great inventions that do an amazing job of cooling down a room. They’re great units that will keep a room cool during the hot summer months and do it without the homeowner having to run ducts from their current central air unit. Of course, how well these units depend on how good they are in the first place, so we decided to create this guide that will help all of our readers find the model that’s best for them.

Window Versus Through The Wall AC Units

Before we dig into what the consumer should look for when buying a new through the wall AC unit, we thought that it might be a good idea to cover the major differences between these wall units and window units. That’s because some people might benefit from using a window unit over a wall unit or vice-versa. So let’s take a few moments to discuss which model is right for which person.

The main benefit of window AC units is that they’re easy to install and can be fit into any room that has a compatible window with few problems. Unfortunately, window units are very energy efficient, and because they don’t fit perfectly into a window, they tend to allow air to leak out. Through the wall window units, however, are more energy-efficient, and they form an airtight seal against the wall. The big problem with these units is that the homeowner has to do extra work to install it. It should also be noted that window AC and through-the-wall AC units are not interchangeable. Window units blow hot air out through their sides, while through-the-wall units blow it out from the back.

Choosing The Best Through The Wall Air Conditioner

Once a person has determined that they need a through-the-wall AC unit, and not a window or central AC unit, it’s time to find the best one possible. Below are some tips that will make it easier for the average person to find the unit of their dreams, or at least, one that’s best for what they need.

Step One: Consider Room Size

The first place to start when choosing a through the wall unit is how much cooling power is needed. This isn’t surprising considering this is the first step that anyone would take when choosing any type of air conditioner. The trick is to buy a unit that provides enough cooling power to adequately cool down a room, and do it without being too powerful for the room and sucking up energy. The cooling power of an air conditioner is expressed in British Thermal Units–otherwise known as BTUs. The more BTUs an air conditioner has, the larger an area that it can cool. Once a person has determined the square feet of their room, they can then figure out how many BTUs are required to cool it down. Having said that, below are some common room sizes and the air conditioner BTU ratings that will cool down those rooms.

BTUs Needed By Room Size

  • 5,000 BTUs: 100 to 150 square feet
  • 6,000 BTUs: 150 to 250 square feet
  • 7,000 BTUs: 250 to 300 square feet
  • 8,000 BTUs: 300 to 350 square feet
  • 9,000 BTUs: 350 to 400 square feet
  • 10,000 BTUs: 400 to 450 square feet

Step Two: Choose An Energy Star Compliant Model

The next step to choosing a great AC unit for through-the-wall mounting is to make sure that the unit is Energy Star Compliant. Energy Star Compliant AC is at least 10% more efficient than models that don’t have this certification. Of course, it isn’t necessary to buy one that meets this standard, but if you don’t, just realize that you will be paying more for the electricity powering it.

Tips For Installing A Through The Wall AC Unit

As it’s easy to see, it isn’t that difficult to buy a great through-the-wall air conditioner. In fact, the process of installing it is bound to be harder than buying it in the first place. To help our readers out with the process of installing their new wall unit, we’ve decided to put down some tips that will make the installation process a lot smoother.

  • Read all of the unit’s instructions and safety warnings.
  • Make sure the wall that it’s going to be installed in is an exterior wall.
  • Make sure that the wall doesn’t have electrical wires or pipes running through it.
  • Make sure that the power cord can reach a suitable outlet.
  • Make sure that the outlet has the right voltage.
  • Ensure that the unit’s sleeve is properly installed.