Sometimes large rooms can get cold and drafty and need something that raises the ambient temperature in the room. And there are several reasons why this can be the case. It can be because the home’s central heating unit doesn’t have enough power to heat the entire house or perhaps its because the room is just too large to hold its heat. In either case, a quick solution to the problem is a space heater.

Space heaters can do a great job of keeping rooms warm, even larger room. To make that happen, all a person has to do is to purchase the best heater available and install it properly. This will ensure that the room stays toasty warm during even the coldest of winters. Below are ten of the best space heaters that can be used to keep rooms nice and warm.

Top List of Best Space Heaters For Large Rooms

#1. Comfort Zone 1,500-Watt Ceramic Space Heater

This is one of the best space heaters for large rooms because it not only has a lot of power but it also has a lot of advanced features. This model has a digital thermostat, a fan for forced heating, and an 8-hour timer. It also has an ECO-mod that adjusts the heat output to be more economical. Another cool feature about this heater is that its housing doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe for use around pets and children. And because it’s light and portable, it can be used in any room of the home quite easily. Additional features found on this model include a remote control, ETL-certification, and a room temperature display.

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#2. Lasko Designer Oscillating Space Heater

Is it possible for a space heater to look good and still be capable of warming a large room? Although we didn’t initially think that was possible, we quickly changed our minds when we saw this designer space heater from Lasko. This model not only has artistic sensibilities that makes it a perfect fit in any home, but it also has 1,500 watts of warming power. This ETL-listed heat also has oscillation, so it can heat more of a room than stationary models. And because it’s equipped with both an automatic shutoff timer and an adjustable thermostat, it’s also a model that’s easy to use as well.

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#3. Bovado Oscillating Forced Fan Space Heater

Anyone who’s been searching for a forced fan space heater that’s capable of heating a room and do it safely is probably going to want to check out this model from Bovado. This space heater is made with ceramic chip wiring, so it’s less likely to overheat than comparable heaters and is also more durable. This model is ETL certified and has built-in overheat protection to keep everyone in the household safe. It’s also equipped with tip-over protection and its housing stays cool so it won’t burn pets or children as it runs. And because this model has 70-degree oscillation, it can heat more of a room than larger stationary heaters.

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#4. Duraflame Portable Infrared Quartz Heater

This 5,200 BTU heater can provide the supplemental heating to most rooms. In fact, it can provide more than enough heat to heat a room to 1,500 square feet in size. And because this heat is infrared, it maintains the room’s natural humidity and doesn’t dry it out like some other space heaters tend to do. Even though it does a great job of producing plenty of room heat, the unit itself stays cool to the touch, so this unit can be used in households with children or pets. Other features found on this model include overheating protection, an adjustable thermostat, an electronic timer, and remote control operation.

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#5. Heat Storm HS-1500 Infrared WiFi Heater

This space heater might be small and portable, but it has many of the feature people need out of a large room heater. It has 1,500-Watts of power, so it can easily heat a room up to 750 square feet in size. Even though it produces this amount of heat, its grill doesn’t heat up, so it’s safe to use around children and pets. It also makes it the perfect heater for using in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, or kitchens. Other features that can be found on this exceptional heater include tip-over protection and the ability to control the unit over WiFi using just a smartphone.

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#6. Dr. Infrared 1,500-Watt Portable Space Heater

This space heater is capable of heating rooms up to 1,000 square feet in size and is designed to provide slow and steady heat more efficiently than most comparable space heaters. This model has an electronic thermostat that can be set from 50 to 86-degrees, and it only uses 12.5-Amps of power. Other features that can be found on this model include a lifetime filter, a 72-inch long electric cord, and a low-noise blower that won’t disturb everyone in the room while the unit is in operation. It also has an IR remote control, tip-over protection, and overheat protection for safety.

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#7. Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Even though this ceramic tower heater isn’t the most powerful model available, it is one of the more convenient and easy to use models currently available. This model stands just 23-inches high and it has a handle so it can be carried to any room of a home quite easily. This 1.50 kW heater can heat a room up to 300 square feet in size and is equipped with automatic overheating protection for safety. This model has two different heat settings, high and low, and comes with a remote control that allows it to be set from across the room.

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#8. Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared Electric Stove Heater

This electric stove is not only capable of heating rooms up to 1,000 square feet in size, but it’s also capable of accomplishing that feat while adding a bit of ambiance to a room. This model plugs into a standard 120-Volt electrical outlet, so it can be used in virtually any room in a home, and it produces up to 4,800 BTUs of heat to warm even large rooms. It’s also equipped with beautiful flame effects that create the sensation of a roaring fire for those cold winter evenings. And because it comes with a handheld remote, it’s easy for a person to adjust the heater from the comfort of the couch.

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#9. Duraflame Portable Electric Infrared Tower Heater

This space heater has a light oak styled cabinet that makes it look like just another piece of furniture in a person’s living room. But its good looks aren’t the only thing worth mentioning about this heater. It’s also worth mentioning that it has many of the features that people are looking for when they purchase a new heater. It always stays cool to the touch, so it’s safe to use around children and pets, and it has an oscillation feature that allows it to oscillate from one side to the other. Additional features include a 5,200 BTU output, a tip-over safety switch, and an adjustable thermostat.

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#10. Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater

With a power rating of 500-watts and an element that’s made out of metal-wrapped quartz, this space heater is not only capable of warming large rooms, but it’s capable of doing it very economically. This model features three different heat settings and is surrounded by a fireproof cabinet to make it safer to use than some comparable heaters. And because it doesn’t weigh a whole lot, it’s easy for the consumer to move it from one room to the next as needed. Other features worth mentioning include a compact design that allows it to be placed virtually anywhere and a 12-hour start/stop timer for convenience.

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

A Guide To Space Heaters For Large Rooms

The colder the outside weather becomes, the more people buy space heaters. That’s because these heaters do an amazing job of providing supplemental heat to a room. While most models can only warm up a small size room or the area directly around a person, some of the better models are capable of warming up large rooms or even multiple rooms. It all depends on the model that the consumer chooses.

Since not every person knows exactly what they should consider when choosing a new space heater, we’ve decided to write this guide on the subject. In this guide, we hope to help all of our readers find the best space heater for large rooms and to choose a model that not only fits their space but one that also fits their needs. We’ll start with the basics, and then we’ll move on to some of the additional features that consumers are going to need to think about.

Choose A Heater Type

The first thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is what type of heater they need. When it comes to large space heaters, consumers have one of three different choices—choices that we’re going to explain a little bit in detail before we move on.

Infrared Space Heaters

These heaters use a form of heat that exists on the invisible light spectrum to warm up a room. This is much the same way that the sun is able to warm up the Earth. This allows these heaters to heat up not only the air but also people and furniture as well.

Fan-Forced Heaters

Fan-forced heaters are probably one of the oldest types of space heaters available. These heaters warm air is then forced into the room. This allows the air to circulate around the room but also makes it more expensive to run than other types of heaters. These heaters also tend to make more noise than infrared heaters.

Oil-Filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters aren’t as common as infrared or fan-forced heaters, but they’re still available at an increased cost. They can take a little bit longer to heat a room than other types of heaters, but once going, they’re very reliable and provide consistent whole-room heat. They’re also very quiet, which many consumers truly appreciate.

Choose A Space Heater Style

Once the consumer has chosen a heater type, they then will want to choose a style of heater. Although not all of the heater styles are available in each of the different heater types, most of them are available in infrared or fan-forced models. In our experience, the four different types of heater styles include baseboard, compact, wall, and tower heaters. Let’s examine each of the different styles more closely, shall we?

Baseboard Space Heaters

The first style of heaters that we’d like to talk about are baseboard heaters. These heaters are often used in older homes to provide a little bit of supplemental heat to the home. They’re also used in drafty rooms or rooms that don’t generally have ductwork that allows them to be heated by the home’s furnace.

Wall Space Heaters

Wall heaters are like baseboard heaters but are generally larger. They’re designed to provide the home with supplemental heating like baseboard heaters are. They’re also often used for bedrooms and living rooms.

Compact Space Heaters

These space heaters are designed for smaller spaces, so you won’t see many of them used for large rooms. These heaters are generally used for smaller rooms such as dorms or office cubicles. They provide just enough heat for the person sitting near it and won’t provide much heat to the general room.

Tower Space Heaters

Tower space heaters are relatively new—at least compared to other types of space heaters—and they provide the consumer with some great options. They’re portable and can be used to warm multiple people in a room, but not all of them are suitable for warming large rooms.

Consider The Space Heater’s Wattage

The biggest indicator of whether a particular space heater is going to be able to heat a particular area is the wattage of the heater. As a rule, it takes 10-watts of power to heat up every square foot of the room. Therefore, if a person is heating up a 150 square-foot room, then they’re going to need a space heater that’s at least 1,500-watts. Let’s look at some of the typical room sizes and compare them to the space heater watts needed to heat them.

  • Square Feet Versus Heater Wattage
  • 100 Square Feet Needs 1,000-Watts
  • 200 Square Feet Needs 2,000-Watts
  • 300 Square Feet Needs 3,000-Watts
  • 400 Square Feet Needs 4,000-Watts

Of course, the following recommendations are for rooms with standard 8-foot ceilings. If you’re purchasing a space heater for a room with a larger than the standard 8-foot ceiling, then you’ll have to make adjustments to your formula. For rooms over 8-feet, multiply the square footage by the ceiling height and then by 1.25. For example, if you have a 200-foot room with a 10-foot ceiling, then you need a space heater that provides approximately 2,500-watts (200x10x1.25).

If the room being heated has poor insulation, then use 12-watts in your equation instead of 10-watts to get the best results. It should also be mentioned that infrared space heaters have a tendency to heat more than their wattage thanks to their ability to warm people and objects in the room. This means that a smaller infrared heater can potentially heat a larger room than what the consumer would ordinarily think.