Even though pellet stoves might look like traditional wood-burning stoves, they actually work by burning wood pellets instead of firewood or kindling. This allows them to feed themselves automatically and to burn more efficiently than other types of stoves. It also makes them a practical solution for anyone looking for a highly efficient stove that’s cheaper to operate than propane, electric or wood-fired models.

Just because these stoves are often the best choice for a home or cabin doesn’t mean that the consumer shouldn’t do their research before buying one of them. After all, there are a number of different models, and not all of them have the same features or can heat the same room area. That’s why we’ve chosen ten of the best models that we could find so that our readers can find the stove that’s the right fit for them.

Top List of Best Pellet Stoves

#1. Comfortbilt 50,000 BTU Stove

With a classic black carbon look that looks great in any home, this model is ready to not only heat the home but also provide a little bit of style. This model is capable of providing heat to a home up to 2,800 square feet in size and features a large glass window that just looks better than the ones on other pellet stoves. This model also features a 55-pound hopper and an auto-ignition system for convenience. Other convenient features found on this stove include a programmable thermostat and an ash pan that makes for easy ash clean up. All in all, it’s a classy looking stove that really brings the heat.

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#2. Castle Serenity Stove With Smart Controller

With a thermal efficiency of almost 70% and a smart controller that allows for easy operation, this model is ready to heat just about any home. This model can heat a home up to 1,500 square feet in size, and it has a special shape that doesn’t take up a whole lot of space in the home. This model also has an easy to use hopper and a large window that allows for fire viewing. Its smart controller can be set in a number of ways that make this model easy to use. The smart controller can be set for manual operation, according to room temperature or according to the user’s schedule.

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#3. Pleasant Hearth 35,000 BTU Stove

This medium sized stove might not be very big, but it’s capable of providing a good amount of heat to any home. This model operates at 35,000 BTU, which provides enough heat to heat up a 1,750 square foot home for anywhere from 12 to 24-hours. This stove has a certified 85% efficiency rating and comes with a ceramic glass window that allows for easy viewing of the fire. Additional features found on this stove include 5 different heating settings, an auto light ignition system, a 40-pound hopper, and an air wash system. This stove is certified for use both in homes and in mobile homes as well.

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#4. US Stove 5660 Bay-Front Stove

This pellet stove has numerous features that make it a quality unit for just about any suitable home. This model features 6 different heat settings, a 120 CFM blower that provides automatic air circulation that helps distribute heat evenly throughout the home and a digital control board that makes it easy for the user to make adjustments to the unit on the fly. It also features an LED display that makes it easy to set and a large bay window that allows the user to view the fire as it burns. If an optional fresh air unit is purchased for use with this stove, then it can be installed in a mobile home.

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#5. Napoleon TPI35 Stove Insert

Not only does this pellet stove insert have a classic look that many people are going to appreciate, but it also has the features homeowners need out of a pellet burning stove. It’s equipped with a large 45-pound hopper that allows this model to provide heat for up to 30-hours at a time. This model burns with a 76% efficiency rating, is equipped with a 120 cubic-feet-per-minute convection fan and has full thermostatic controls. It’s also capable of not only burning wood pellets but can also burn a mixture of 50% wood and 50% corn pellets.

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#6. Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Stove

This pellet stove is not only capable of heating a home up to 2,800 square feet in size, but it’s also approved for use in U.S mobile homes as well. It has an extremely large 120-pound pellet capacity and operates at an impressive 65,000 BTUs. It’s made out of durable materials and has air-washed glass that allows the homeowner to view the fire as it burns. Another feature found on this model is that it has an LED display with thermostat that makes it especially easy to use. All of these things put together make this a remarkable stove for just about everyone.

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#7. US Stove GW1949 Wiseway Stove

Unlike electrically operated models that utilize a pellet feeding system that contains a lot of moving parts that can potentially break down, this model from US Stove uses a gravity-fed pellet system that’s more reliable and more durable. Its feed system uses the power of gravity to automatically feed pellets from its 60-pound hopper to keep a fire going for up to 36-hours at a time. This model provides up to 40,000 BTU of heat and is capable of heating a 2,000 square foot home quite easily. It also operates silently, so it can be placed in any room and has a modern style that anyone can appreciate.

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#8. Comfortbilt HP22 50,000 BTU Stove

This stove not only has a unique look that distinguishes it from the other pellet stoves on the market, but it also has the features people need to keep their home nice and warm. This model has an 86% burn efficiency, operates at 50,000 BTU and can heat a home up to 2,000 square feet in size. It’s also EPA certified and has a 55-pound hopper that automatically feeds pellets to itself. Additional features found on this model include an automatic ignition system, an ash pan for quick and easy cleanup, and remote control for easy operation from across a room.

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#9. Deari Serenity Stove With Smart Heat Control

Pellet stoves are by their very design supposed to be easier to operate, but this one takes that ease-of-use to a whole other level. It not only has a fully automatic pellet feed but it also has an electric auto-ignition system and electronic controls that make it easy to use. This freestanding stove is approximately 20×28.5×18.25-inches in size and weighs just under 150-pounds, so it can be placed easily in homes, cabins, work areas, or anywhere else a highly efficient heating source is needed. And since it has an 86% thermal efficiency and can heat areas up to 646 square feet, now no one has to worry about being cold in the winter.

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#10. Summer’s Heat Evolution 55-SHPEP

One of the first things we noticed about this pellet stove is that it’s made using some pretty good quality workmanship, although that really wasn’t a surprise considering it was manufactured in the United States. The next thing that we noticed is that it had a 45-pound hopper that holds enough pellets to heat a room for up to 27-hours at a time. And the last thing that we noticed about this quality unit is that it has a large Bay Design viewing glass that gives the homeowner the ability to watch the fire burn as this stove works to heat their 2,000 square foot or smaller home.

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A Buyer’s Guide To Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and with good reason. With energy costs rising each and every year, more and more people are turning to these stoves to keep their budgets under control. These stoves can be run with a minimum of cost and can provide quality heat that will keep the home warm all winter long.

More people would buy pellet stoves if they understood how to buy the best one for their home, so we decided to write this guide. In this guide, we’ll go through the ins and outs of these stoves and tell our readers everything they need to know to pick the best pellet stove available. Now that we’ve stated our purpose, let’s jump right into this article and talk a little bit about these stoves.

What are Pellet Stoves & Pellet Fuel?

Before we can talk about buying the best pellet stove, we first have to give a definition of these stoves to distinguish them from wood stoves. These stoves are designed to look like free-standing stoves and to burn wood pellets. Depending on their size, some models are designed to heat only a room and others are designed to heat the entire home. Because these stoves are relatively inexpensive as compared to other home heating systems, it’s a good solution for many people. And because it uses wood pellets, which are a renewable energy source, pellet stoves can even rival other renewable energy systems such as wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal heat pumps.

Now that understand pellet stoves, it’s now time to turn our attention to the fuel: humble pellet fuel. Pellet fuel can usually be purchased in 40-pound bags at garden supplies, fireplace dealers and even some department stores. In some states, consumers can get a discount on the pellets thanks to incentive programs offered by those states. What are these pellets made from? They’re usually made from sawdust, bark, or wood chips, but sometimes they’re made out agricultural crop waste. Because the manufacturing of these pellets prevents these materials from being dumped into a landfill, they’re generally considered to be a greener option than other fuel sources.

Choosing The Right Size Pellet Stove

Before even considering which pellet stove to buy, the consumer should figure out how big of a stove they’re going to need. According to most professionals, anywhere from 40 to 45 BTUs are needed for every square foot of the home. For example, if a person wants to heat an 800 square foot room, then they’re going to need a stove that can produce 32,000 to 36,000 BTUs. If they’re going to heat a 2,000 square-foot room, then they’ll need anywhere from 80,000 to 90,000 BTUs of heat. Fortunately, pellet stoves are available in heating ranges up to 50,000 BTUs, so to heat a 2,000 to 2,500 square foot home, they’ll only need two pellet stoves.

Choosing Between Bottom Feeder Or Top Feed Stoves

Once the consumer has determined the size of the stove they are going to need for their home, it’s time to turn our attention to whether the consumer is going to want to purchase a top feeder or bottom feeder stove. Bottom feeders are the common choice for many people, but they’re not the most efficient stoves available. They also have a lot of moving parts, so they often require more maintenance than top feeder stoves. Top feeder stovers are more efficient and require less user input than bottom feeder stoves. They are also more efficient at burning wood pellets. Unfortunately, because of their design, sometimes they can clog. However, this can usually be avoided by using high-quality wood pellets with a low-ash profile.

Common Features To Think About

Before purchasing a pellet stove, the consumer might also want to consider the features they would like equipped on their stove. Although there are plenty of basic pellet stoves that have very few frills, there are even more that come with features that make them easier to use or allow them to become the central focal point of a room. To help our consumers think about some of the options that might be available, we’ve included the following list of pellet stove features that the consumer might want to think about. Although not everyone will need a stove that has every single one of these features, consumers might want to at least consider some of the following features.

  • Electric-Powered Blowers
  • Thermostats (Some models don’t come with thermostats)
  • Automatic Feed Hoppers
  • Air-Washed Glass Doors
  • Stay-Cool Handles
  • Digital Controls

Keeping A Pellet Stove In Good Condition

Now that we know some of the things that should be considered before purchasing a pellet stove, it’s time to turn our attention to how to keep that newly purchased pellet stove in good condition. Although these stoves don’t require a lot of maintenance, some are needed to keep it in good condition for a long time to come. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help extend the life of the thermostat and keep it running for many winters to come.

Step One: Buy Quality Pellets

The first step to ensuring the health of the pellet stove is to buy quality wood pellets. Low-quality pellets often produce more ash, which can clog and require more frequent cleaning of the ash pan and chamber. Although inexpensive pellets will certainly work in any pellet stove, high-quality pellets are a better investment. Not only are high-quality pellets result in less maintenance, but they also burn more efficiently.

Step Two: Store Wood Pellets Properly

How the wood pellets are stored is just as important as their quality. If the pellets are stored in the elements, they can absorb water that makes it harder for them to burn and also makes it more likely to stick to the inside of the stove. Therefore, keep wood pellets raised off of the ground and in an enclosed area such as a shed. The consumer should also make sure that any holes or tears in the pellet’s packaging should be sealed with tape.

Step Three: Have The Stove Professional Inspected & Cleaned

Another step in ensuring that the stove remains in good condition is to hire a professional to clean and inspect the stove annually. Professionals can inspect all areas of the stove and clean out the parts of the stove that might be difficult for the consumer to clean.

Step Four: Keep The Glass & Stove Exterior Clean

The air-washed glass of pellet stoves allows the consumer to enjoy the beauty of the fire, but it eventually gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. This can be easily done by using a specialized pellet stove glass cleaner and cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth. The outside of the pellet stove should also be cleaned regularly, and the consumer can use a solution of 50/50 water-vinegar and a soft cloth for that job.