The best pedestal fans are truly a lifesaver for any household. They circulate air around the home, and can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills when they’re used properly. And since they’re inexpensive and have a compact footprint, they can be used in just about any home, no matter how small. They’re such an important tool, we’ve decided to go ahead and find ten of the best ones available.

The following pedestal fans are well-built, have the features that consumers need from them, and they work extremely well. That makes all of these fans great additions to any home. All a person has to do is choose the style they like, and they’re ready to reap all of the benefits of these fans.

Top List of Best Pedestal Fans

#1. Vornado 783 Full-Size Air Circulation Fan

This fan is probably unlike any other pedestal fan that you’re likely to see. That’s because instead of it sitting on a straight pole as most pedestal room fans do, this one instead stands on a curved pole. As strange as it might seem, however, this design is what makes it one of the best pedestal fans available. This model can be adjusted from a height of 28 to 40-inches, has three-speed settings, and its grill can be easily removed for cleaning. It also features deep-pitched blades that can push air up to one hundred feet and it’s safety-tested and warrantied by the manufacturer in the U.S. It’s a fan that everyone should use in their home.

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#2. Klarstein Silent Storm Adjustable Height Fan

With a brushless DC motor that’s been perfectly balanced at the factory, a 16-inch rotor equipped with oscillation features, and five different operating modes, this pedestal fan is suitable for just about any room up to 850 square feet in size. This fan is completely adjustable and has a 90-degree angle of oscillation that permits the user to direct the air as they see fit. It also features an auto-dimming LCD that makes it easy for the consumer to see the fan’s setting but is still suitable for it to be used in rooms where people are sleeping. Additional features include 12 different speed settings and digital remote control for ease-of-operation.

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#3. Pelonis FS45-18UR 18-Inch Quiet Fan

This 3-speed fan does an amazing job of circulating air but does it without making a lot of noise. It features 3 different speeds, and at its highest setting, it only produces about 55 decibels of sound. This allows this pedestal fan to be used anywhere in the home, including in bedrooms. Another key feature found on this fan is an 80-degree wide oscillation angle that allows the consumer to direct the air anywhere they need it. Other key features worth mentioning about this fan is that it has an adjustable height of 3.5 to 4-feet, has a heavy-duty base for added stability, and it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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#4. Pelonis 16-Inch Electric Pedestal Fan

This high-quality electric pedestal fan is designed with many of the features that homeowners are searching for out of a fan. It pushes a lot of air, has a 24-degree tilt-angle and an 85-degree oscillation angle. It also features five quality blades, a powerful motor, and a super quiet-operation that produces a maximum of 38-decibels of sound. It also features an LED display, an auto-off function, and a remote-control operation. And because this fan uses an electric DC motor, it’s capable of circulating the air, all while using only 35% of the energy consumption of comparable fans with AC motors.

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#5. Rowenta Oscillating Standing Fan With Remote

This oscillating standing fan has four speeds that allow it to mode air effortlessly throughout the entire home. It features a 16-inch head that’s equipped with five large blades that can move air up to 2,436 cubic feet per minute. And it can do it while maintaining a sound level of under 58 decibels. Additional features that can be found on this pedestal fan includes an adjustable height that allows the fan to be set from 42-inches to 54-inches off of the floor, a carry handle for added convenience, and manual controls. It also features a remote control so that it can be operated from your place on a couch or recliner.

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#6. Vornado VFAN Vintage Pedestal Fan

The vintage designs of the 50s, 60s, and 70s have made their way back into people’s homes lately, so why wouldn’t that also apply to pedestal fans? After all, the vintage fans of the past had a style that simply can’t be beaten and they look cool, too. However, that’s not the only reason to like these vintage-style fans. They also have some features that make them a useful addition to any household. For example, this one can move air and a maximum speed of 613 cubic-feet-per minute, has three different speed settings, and a full-action pivoting head. It also has an adjustable height and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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#7. Rowenta Turbo-Silence Stand Fan With Remote

This whisper-quiet pedestal fan only makes 35-decibels of sound when it’s running on high, but is still more than capable of circulating air around a home. This model has three different speed settings that include low, medium, and high, plus it has two additional special speed settings that include Night Mode and Turbo Boost. It also features an easy-to-use electronic control panel and an 8-hour timer that allows the consumer to have complete control over its operation. Another great feature worth talking about is that it comes with remote control for added convenience and control over the fan.

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#8. Honeywell Double Blade 16-Inch Oscillating Fan

Anyone searching for a pedestal fan that’s easy to operate and provides great airflow is going to want to take a look at this fan model from Honeywell. This fan is capable of providing powerful air circulation but do it without making a whole lot of noise in the process. It has three different speed settings and is capable of delivering up to 15% more air circulation than comparable box fans. Another thing worth talking about when describing this fan is that it oscillates, so it can circulate air even through large rooms quite well. Other features found on this fan include a 1 to 8-hour timer, a remote control, electronic controls, and a heavy-duty base.

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#9. Air King 30-Inch Industrial-Grade Pedestal Fan

Even though this pedestal fan is designed for industrial environments such as large offices, factories, and warehouses, we feel that just about anyone can get good use out of it. This fan has 30-inch powder-coated metal blades that are durable and resistant to corrosion, a 3-speed 1/4-HP enclosed ball-bearing electric-motor, and a rear-mounted pull-cord. It also features a 10-foot grounded plug, and it meets all ETL and OSHA requirements for a work-fan. But what’s exciting about this fan is that it can move up to 7,400 cubic feet of air per minute. All of these features come together to make a excellent fan that’s capable of providing many years of service.

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#10. Lasko 1843 18-Inch Cyclone Fan

This free-standing pedestal fan not only looks good in virtually any home or office, but it also has the features that many people want out of these kinds of fans. It has three efficient speeds that allow it to circulate air efficiently throughout the whole home. Another key feature found on this fan is its tilt-back head and adjustable height feature that allows the consumer to direct airflow according to their needs. And since it’s also capable of oscillating, the user can set it and forget it. Other features found on this fan include a built-in timer that can shut off the fan after 1 to 4-hours and remote control that allows the fan to be operated from across the room.

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