Anyone trying to get rid of unsettling odors such as cigar smoke or mold, or are trying to destroy microorganisms or pollutants at their source is going to want to investigate getting the best ozone generator that they can buy. That’s because these devices do a great job of cleaning unoccupied rooms or commercial spaces and restoring them to their former glory. We like them so much that we decided to go ahead and review ten of the best models, so we can introduce our readers to them. Any of the following ozone generators is designed to provide the user with the tools they need for removing odors and pollutants.

Top List of Best Ozone Generators

#1. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

This ozone generator from Alpine Air is one of the best generators available because it’s designed with not only the features that make it effective, but it is also designed with the features that make it safe. This model can produce up to 10,000 mg of ozone per hour and is designed to provide at least 6,000 hours of guaranteed work. It also has a shutdown timer that can be set from 20-minutes to 120-minutes in 10-minute increments. Another key feature that it has is a convenient carrying handle that makes it easy to carry into and out of a room. All things considered, it’s a great unit that does a fantastic job of removing smoke and odors from the air.

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#2. Airthereal MA10K-Pro Industrial Generator

This ozone generator is designed to produce some of the highest ozone levels of any machine. It’s capable of producing 10,000 mg of ozone an hour, which is more than enough to handle large rooms. This product also features a 120-minute timer that automatically shuts the unit down for safety purposes. This allows this unit to be easily set up, safely used and shut down to deal with a variety of different types of odors. That also means that it’s a useful tool for not only factories, farms, labs, and hotel rooms, but is also suitable for any place that could benefit from removing smoke and odors from the air.

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#3. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Machine

Using the natural cleansing abilities of ozone, this ozone machine is capable of removing smoke, volatile organic compounds, and odors from just about any empty room. This unit can be used for cleaning the air in attics, basements, closets or anywhere else it is needed. And it’s equipped with the features that make it easier and safer to use than some other generators currently being sold. This model has a timer that can be set for up to 120-minutes at a time, and it also features a “hold” mode that can be used to keep the unit running. Other features include an insulated handle, an energy-efficient operation, and a free no-entry sign as a bonus.

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#4. Mammoth Commercial Ozone Machine

With a name like Mammoth, most people would expect this ozone generator to be able to kick out a lot of ozone, and those people would be exactly right. This model is capable of producing up to 5,000 mg of ozone and do it for up to 6,000 continuous hours before the user has to replace its filter. This product is made to exacting specifications and is made from quality components. Some of the features that can be found on this generator include a timer function and a light that lets the user know when the unit is in operation.

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#5. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

Dust, cigar smoke, pet odors, cooking odors, and paint fumes don’t stand a chance with this high-quality ozone generator. This model has a low-profile, so it can be easily placed into empty rooms, and it doesn’t use a whole lot of power, so it’s very eco-friendly as well. This product is capable of delivering up to 6,000 mg of ozone production and is equipped with a large fan to distribute across a larger area than what other ozone generators can do. And because there are no filters to clean, this unit is extremely easy to set up, use and put away after it has done its job.

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#6. New Comfort Stainless Steel Air Purifier

When used in an unoccupied room, this ozone generator is an effect solution for removing odors. It can remove odors from cigarette and cigar smoke, pet odors, and odors from cooking or from mold and mildew. But getting rid of odors isn’t all that this unit can do. It’s also effective at removing bacteria, mold and viruses, all thanks to its built-in UV light. This unit can product anywhere from 6000 to 12,000 mg an hour of ozone and comes equipped with a timer that can be set for up to 120-minutes at a time. All that has to be done to use it is to set it up, turn it off and wait until 30-minutes after the timer has expired before entering and finding the room smelling a whole lot better.

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#7. Odor Stop Pro Ozone Generator

When an unoccupied room needs to be thoroughly cleaned, then this product is ready to do the job. It’s designed to remove the odors caused by cooking, pets, mold, mildew, tobacco and flood damage, and it will do it quickly and efficiently. This model is made with an aluminum body and is capable of treating up to 2,500 square feet of space at a time. It features a variable ozone output that ranges from a low 100 mg an hour up to a high 1,080 mg an hour. Another key feature found on this model is its UV light, which provides an added level of sanitation and is capable of killing bacteria at a very high rate.

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#8. Ivation Ozone Generator Ionizer & Deodorizer

This ozone generator is designed to treat up to 3,500 square feet of space to improve air quality and reduce allergens and other irritants. This model produces better quality ions and has a higher output than many of its competitors. It uses activated oxygen to remove odors from food, pets, molds, and mildew, so the area it is used in smells better and is smoke-free. Another key thing worth mentioning about this generator is that it has a beautiful cherry wood exterior that allows it to blend in with the decor of just about any home, office or apartment.

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#9. WSTA Portable Air Purifier Generator

There are some ozone generators made for purifying water, and others that are designed for purifying the air, but this one is designed to be able to handle both. It’s a multipurpose air and water purifier that uses the power of ozone to remove secondary pollutions and odors from the air, and microorganisms and by-products from water. This unit is capable of delivering up to 500 mg of ozone an hour, and it has 5 different levels that allow it to be set from 5-minutes to 60-minute time-frames. And because this product is small, it’s extremely portable, and can be taken anywhere it’s needed.

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#10. A2Z Ozone Water-6 Multi-Purpose Generator

This lightweight and portable ozone generator is designed to produce 600 mg of ozone an hour, which can be used to destroy pollutants in water. It’s a wall-mountable unit that contains two 36-inch polyurethane ozonating tubes and has a function-timer with 15 different settings. It can be used to make ozonated water that’s perfect for removing residual chlorine or heavy metals from drinking water, can be used for oral hygiene purposes and can even be used to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. And since it comes with full instructions, it’s a unit that’s easy for most people to use.

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

Ozone Generator Buying Guide

Ozone generators are perfect for homeowners and apartment dwellers who are searching for a way to combat rogue odors in their home. These devices are designed to pull carbon-based odors out of the air, and in the process, can kill viruses and bacteria as well. Of course, as is the case with any consumer device, how successfully the ozone generator accomplishes these tasks depends on how well they’re manufactured, so consumers are going to have to do their due diligence when shopping for a model for their home. 

How can you tell a high-quality model from a less-than-stellar model? A sure-fire way is to purchase an ozone generator from our reviews. We took great pain to find and review the best ozone generator models currently available. However, if you would prefer to search for a model yourself, then allow us to at least give you some tips that will make your search a little bit easier. Below is a buyer’s guide that we feel will help our readers find the perfect ozone generator for their home. 

Choose The Right Size

The first step to choosing a great ozone generator is for the consumer to think about the size of the space that is having the air cleaned. If the consumer purchases an ozone generator that is too small for the space being serviced, then it’s not going to do the intended job. These generators always have their area coverage listed, so the consumer should be sure to match the size of the generator with the size of the room. 

Think About Output Strength

Another point for the consumer to think about is the output strength of the unit. Some of the lower quality models can struggle to output 4,000 mg an hour, while some of the higher quality models can easily produce 10,000 mg an hour or more. 

Think About Whether A Timer Is Needed

Another thing for the consumer to think about is whether they need a timer or not. A timer can be a handy feature to find on an ozone generator because the consumer is not going to want to have their machine running all of the time. 

Easy To Replace Filter Or Ozone Plate

It’s also important for the consumer to think about how easy it is to replace the filter on the model. Some ozone generators use filters and some use plates, but despite which one is used, it’s important that it can be easily cleaned or replaced as needed. 

How Portable Is The Unit?

The consumer should also consider the unit’s portability. For some people, the importance of this point depends on how they’re going to use it. If they expect to move the unit from one room to the next, then they’re going to want to make sure it’s portable, but if it’s going to stay in one room, then it’s portability is not as important. 

Consider Additional Features

Of course, the above features aren’t the only ones that the consumer needs to think about. While the above are the basic features, some consumers might want their ozone generators to have some additional features that make it easier to use or allows it to be used for other things. 

  • An Extended Warranty
  • Energy-Star Compliance
  • Built-In Dehumidifier

How To Use An Ozone Generator

Now that we have covered the basics of shopping for an ozone generator, we wanted to pivot and provide our readers with a guide on how to use their new device well so they get the most out of it. Below are some tips and tricks that will help all of our readers get the most out of their brand spanking new ozone generator. 

Ozone Generator Safety Warning

We’re going to begin this guide by telling our readers that they should show these devices with the utmost caution. Although they’re considered to be safe to use for medical and industrial businesses, they can be a bit tricky to be used at home. If strict safety procedures aren’t followed when using these devices, they can pose a risk to human and animal health. That’s because they generate ozone and a high ozone output can affect humans, plants, and animals in indoor environments. They can also cause irritation to the lungs or mucous membranes, and aggravate respiratory conditions. Therefore, they should never be used in the presence of plants, animals, or people.

Follow The Manufacturer Instructions

The next thing that the consumer should do is to read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions before setting up their new ozone generator. As a general rule, most rooms will need 4 to 12 hours of continuous ozone generator use—depending on the size of the room, of course, Treating an entire home might take longer, however, and could take anywhere from 24-32 hours. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the home is unoccupied while the generator is being used. 

Set The Timer

To make sure that the ozone generator runs for a specified amount of time, it’s important to set a timer. The timer will stop the generator at the appropriate timer so the consumer doesn’t have to wander into the house to turn it off. 

Be Sure To Air Out The Home Before Reentering

It’s also important for the consumer to make sure they give time for the ozone to dissipate back into oxygen before people, pets, or plants are reintroduced to the home. Depending on the ozone concentration in the room or home, ozone usually dissipates anywhere from 45-minutes to 4.5-hours. It’s our recommendation that the consumer gives the room at least 4.5 hours before reentering the home.