When cracked skin starts to itch it can stop you from sleeping which is often the start of other health issues. A lack of sleep only makes matters worse which is why so many people are always looking for the best humidifier for dry skin. You want to get your hands on anything that can help and a quality product can alleviate itchiness and help you to sleep better.

They can be used throughout the day to stop the moisture in the air from drying your skin, especially in colder months. A quality humidifier with keep moisture levels at an optimal 40 – 60% and some of them can be used with essential oils to help the process. However bad your condition, our top ten humidifiers for dry skin can help.

Top List of Best Humidifiers For Dry Skin

#1. URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Available in 4 designs including wooden effect, this is the best humidifier for dry skin because it is compact, can be used with essential oils, and is great value. The functionality is impressive, pushing out mist for up to 6 hours when on intermittent mode to eliminate dryness. Its continual mode only works for 3 hours at a time but it fits just about anywhere and is so small it can go wherever you go. There are 7 LED lights to choose from so you can change the ambience of your room and even has programmable cycles. Although it isn’t as powerful as some of the others it is reasonably priced and is incredibly quiet meaning it can be used at night.

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#2. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Although there are more powerful humidifiers this is the best product that allows you to add essential oils. The tank capacity is 300 ml which can last up to 10 hours on the low mist setting and covers an area of 20-30㎡. A lot of people will appreciate the 7 lighting colours to choose from which can cause a relaxing mood but beyond that, you can choose from two mist settings and set a timer for 1, 3, & 6 hours. When the water runs out it will turn off automatically making this a good value option that quietly humidifies the air.

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#3. Homech Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier for dry skin pushes the mist up to 24 inches which helps it to cover a large area and keep the moisture in the room at a preferable level to help dry skin. It can distribute fine mist particles at a rate of up to 300ml/hr and the large 4L tank can last for 60 hours of continual use when on low mode. The quiet mode is almost silent meaning it can be used overnight and the auto-switch off when the water runs out means it is safe to do so. To make sure you can keep the air hygienic it is easy to clean and has a 360-degree nozzle to allow you to point the mist in the area where you need it the most.

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#4. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

Creating less than 38 dB of noise, this discreet humidifier is perfect for dry skin as it can be used all night to help alleviate itchiness. It works for 12 – 30 hours which is one of the longest going, thanks to the big 4L tank capacity. Anyone who has a room of under 30 m2 will get the benefit of the right level of moisture in the air. There is a 360-degree nozzle that allows you to move the air should you move position and it even has a nightlight making it perfect for kids with dry skin. Keep in mind that it cannot be used with essential oils, but it does have an automatic shut off.

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#5. Vicks Filter-Free 1.2 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

Anyone who prefers to use big brand names will be pleased to see that Vicks makes a reliable humidifier that does not need replacement filters. You get up to 30 hours of continual mist from the 1.2-gallon tank meaning you don’t have to fill it up as much as a lot of the competition. For many people, it is an essential device for the colder months helping to keep moisture in the air and soothe dry skin. It is easy to clean thanks to the large refill lid that allows you to reach in and scrub it manually and it helps to keep humidity at an optimal 40 – 60% for a better night’s sleep.

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#6. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

With a huge 6L tank, this is the best humidifier for dry skin when you have a large room to fill with mist. This means you get up to 36 hours of continual use and an output of up to 500 mL/hr which is great for those with particularly bad skin dryness. What is most impressive is the fact that it is effective in spaces up to 70m2 and still manages to be quiet. The LED screen is easy to operate but can be switched off at night whilst the mist continues to fill the room. You can set the timer between 1-12 hours via the remote control but rest easy thanks to the auto shut off. Remember to use the aroma box for a fresh scent but do not fill the tank with any oils as it will damage the product.

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#7. Air Innovations MH-701BA Platinum Humidifier

This neat device is whisper-quiet so it can be used overnight to help provide cool mist for sufferers of dry skin conditions all night. What also makes this possible is the 96 hours of use on the lowest setting. The ceramic filter never requires replacing which is convenient but it still manages to be hygienic thanks to the anti-microbial tank that ensures the mist is always clean. What pleases most people is the design itself as it is one of the best looking humidifiers on the market. Of course, this means nothing without functionality but with 5 mist settings and an aromatherapy tray that can hold two different scents purchased separately, it is a favourite for many families.

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#8. Homasy Humidifier with Maifan Stones Filter

This is one of the most powerful humidifiers that is great for using at night thanks to the 28 dB super quiet mode. This helps to maintain moisture levels that are optimal for battling dry skin and itchiness. With a 2L capacity, it won’t need constant refilling and it features a unique filter that contains Maifan Stones to clean the water and make sure the mist is as hygienic as possible. The one-touch control system allows you to easily switch between the 3 levels of mist. Most impressive is the fact that it can run up to 24 hours and it is easy to refill through the top meaning you can alleviate dry skin conditions with ease.

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#9. MZTDYTL Portable Mini USB Humidifier

For a busy lifestyle, convenience is key when trying to alleviate dry skin. This portable humidifier is small enough to pack into your bag and the USB charge means you can take it on business trips and weekends away to make sure the air is always at an optimal moisture level. Remember that you can’t use essential oils in the device but when you select the intermittent mode you can get up to 9 hours of mist. There is a soft night-light mode that is calming and the 200 ml capacity might not be the biggest but it helps to keep this product small.

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#10. Guardian Technologies H910BL 14-Hour Nursery Humidifier

Ideal for kids with dry skin, this humidifier lasts up to 14 hours so you can use it all night. The device itself is compact but it can push out a lot of mist to help prevent cracked skin from worsening and improves conditions such as eczema. There is a nightlight feature that makes it even more desirable for a kids’ room and it also has a warning light to tell you when the water is getting low. With a 0.23 gallon tank, it isn’t the biggest but it is easy to use thanks to the one-button control system that allows you to change between the mist settings and has auto shut off.

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