For some people, the flicker of a gas fireplace delivers the best kind of heat that warms the room quickly but also looks great. This is thanks to the effort that companies have put into the design. A lot of them feature faux logs and coals to give the unit an authentic look that is hard to beat. A gas fireplace is also an efficient way to give a room some added heat, without making your bills skyrocket.

The best gas fireplaces will look good, but also have adjustable settings and preferably be ventless to allow more of the heat to enter the room. They come in numerous designs and whatever your taste, we have included something for everyone in our list of the top ten.

Top List of Best Gas Fireplaces

#1. Duluth Forge Vent Free

This gas fireplace comes with the sturdy mantelpiece that tops off the look creating a homely atmosphere wherever you decide to put it. The wood comes in a variety of finishes and the fireplace features 32,000 BTU that works off of liquid propane and natural gas. What impresses most people is the fact that there is a remote control that comes with it and it can turn the gas fireplace on and off, and control the temperature, anyone who is sitting comfortably will appreciate this convenience. The ceramic fibre logs look great and help to retain the heat that has an automatic oxygen sensing switch-pff when levels aren’t high enough and battery-assisted ignition.

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#2. Sure Heat BRO24NG Sure Heat Vented Gas Log Set

When looking for a gas log insert that is energy efficient, Sure Heat is one of the most reliable companies. The cement logs are highly detailed and come in packs of 8 that look like an authentic fire when assembled. They come with burning embers that are twice as bright as other brands and look great when the device is match-lit. Although the on/off valve is not included what you do get is 60,000 BTU’s with realistic flame patterns. This U-shaped burner requires a working flue and has a front width of 32″, 15″ depth, and back width of 24″.

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#3. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove

This well constructed dual fuel stove heats a room of up to 1,100 sq ft. using liquid propane or natural gas. The built-in thermostat allows the device to turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature and it is economical providing 99.9% efficiency because of its vent-free design. If there is a lack of oxygen detected, the device shuts down keeping you and your family safe. Although there are lots of screws when it comes to assembling, and there is no glass protecting the front, the grid design keeps the logs in place at all times and it provides reliable heat.

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#4. Regal Flame Fargo 43 Inch Ventless

This large wall-mounted gas fireplace makes a handsome addition to any home that gives it a modern style and a reliable warmth that is much needed in colder months. It burns ethanol at a rate of 12,000 BTU’s making it capable of heating spaces up to 850 sq.ft and has large dancing flames up to 14 inches tall. Because it is vent-free it is efficient and gives you all the heat it produces lasts for around 4-6 hours. Most people buy it because of the efficiency, but also the 43-inch display that looks impressive and catches your eye when you enter the room.

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#5. Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set

Working on natural gas, this handsome log set makes you feel warm just looking at it. The logs themselves have been hand-painted to give them an authentic look but it is the heat that we are interested in the most. It has a BTU output of 75,000 which is more than enough to heat a large room. The vented design makes it efficient and helps to protect natural resources. It operates via a match light system and when it is up and running, you get to enjoy the flickering effect of the flames. A lot of customers comment on the ease of installation meaning it won’t be long until you can enjoy its warmth.

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#6. Regal Flame Avon Ventless Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

For something a little different, this fire pit can be used both indoors and outdoors and looks impressive in the middle of any room. The dancing flames are protected by glass panels that make it easy to see the device in its full glory. .It is ventless keeping the heat where you need it and is powered by ethanol fireplace fuel and should last between 2-4 hours with easy ignition and switch off. If you are looking for an alternative to a log burner or just a gas fireplace with a difference, this is certainly an eye-catching option that can heat a space of up to 400 sq. ft.

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#7. Kozy World GSD2210 Vent Free Gas Stove

With no ventilation required, this natural gas or liquid propane fireplace stove is capable of keeping all the heat in the room without wasting it up a chimney. You can control the heat via the built-in thermostat and thanks to the heavy steel construction, it is well made and will last a long time. The main feature is the big logs that glow vibrantly and look realistic. There is also a built-in oxygen sensor which turns the device off when oxygen levels are low. It can heat spaces up to 850 sq.ft and offers an excellent and efficient alternative to burning wood that is environmentally friendly.

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#8. Comfort Glow GSD2846 Dual Fuel Gas Stove

The steel cabinet of this gas fireplace is well built and the vent free warmth means it doesn’t lose heat through a ventilation system, keeping your room warm. There is a built-in thermostat where you can determine how warm you need the room to be as it pushes out a maximum of 30,000 BTU’s per hour. This means it is capable of heating spaces of up to 1,250 sq ft. as you enjoy watching the dual yellow flame burner dance around the logs. There is an oxygen safety sensor that keeps you safe at all times so you can relax and enjoy the standalone design.

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