When consumers are looking around to find the best fan for circulating air around their homes, they often have to search through and consider an innumerable amount of different types of fans. There are tower fans, console fans, blower fans, console fans to consider, so it can often be difficult for the consumer to find one that’s appropriate for their needs. Fortunately, we have a solution to that problem to help our readers.

We’ve found that the best floor fans do a great job of circulating air around a home. These fans not only keep the home comfortable, but they also help to keep energy costs down by circulating cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. And that’s why we’ve reviewed the ten best models currently available, so consumers can select the one they want.

Top List of Best Floor Fans

#1. Lasko 3520 20-Inch Cyclone Floor Fan

The Lasko Cyclone is the best floor fan currently available because it’s not only made to be durable but is also designed to be extremely efficient. This fan features 3-speeds that do a great job of pushing air but don’t make a lot of noise to do so. It also features an adjustable fan head that can be pivoted in the direction the consumer wants to position it in. Other features found on this model include a lightweight frame with carrying handle that makes it easy to move from one place to another, an aerodynamic blade that moves efficiently, and it even has a patented safety plug.

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#2. Lasko 3300 20-Inch Wind Machine Fan

This fan boasts a rugged design, energy-efficient operation and all the features that most people look for in a floor fan. It provides the consumer with three different fan speeds, has a built-in carry handle that allows it to be moved from one room to another, and it pivots so the consumer can decide where they want it to blow. Another thing worth mentioning is that this fan is fully assembled, so the consumer can just plug it in and start using it right away. And because it’s designed to be an energy-efficient fan, consumers can use it without worrying about it driving up their electric bill.

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#3. Lasko Stanley Max-Performance Fan

This powerful 3-speed fan is not only a floor fan but is also a wall-mounted fan, thanks to its Quick Mount System. It can be set on the floor and used as a traditional fan or it can be mounted using the included mounting bracket to a wall. That allows the consumer to decide how they want air to be circulated around their home. And because this fan is made with quality components, it’s sure to provide the user with years of service. It has a metal fan cage and a tubular steel stand that’s equipped with rubber foot pads to cut down on vibrations while it’s operating.

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#4. Maxx Air Industrial-Grade 2-Speed Fan

This floor fan is not only listed as an industrial model because of its rugged, metal construction but also because it moves a lot of air. This model is made with steel and is designed to work well in even the harshest of environments. That means that it’s a great fan of garages, workshops and factory floors. However, it’s not just a fan that can be used at industrial locations. It’s also a fan that can be used in the home, too. It’s equipped with 2-speed settings, a 10-foot grounded cord, and a 180-degree tilt-head that anyone can appreciate. And as the consumer sees fit, it can be used either as a floor fan or mounted to a wall for convenience.

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#5. B-Air High-Velocity 20-Inch Home Floor Fan

This fan is built from the ground up to move air reliably and to do it while remaining strong and sturdy. It all starts with its all-metal heavy-duty housing that’s easy for the consumer to put together and just as easy for them to take apart for maintenance. It also features high-quality blades that are well designed to move air efficiently. Other features found on this floor fan include a tilt-adjustable head, a handle that makes it portable and 3 different speed settings. It’s also UL-listed, so consumers know that it’s a safe appliance to bring into their home.

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#6. Amazon Basics 3-Speed Air Circulator

This 14-inch plastic fan might not look like much, but it’s a great table or floor fan. Its small size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere and it has many of the same features that larger and more expensive fans tend to have. For instance, it has 3-speed settings that can be operated by the controls on its back. It also has a variable tilt head that can tilt a full 90-degrees, which allows the user to move air in any direction they want. And because it’s made to be extremely quiet, it also won’t make all of the noise that larger fans tend to do.

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#7. Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Air Circulator

Probably one of the best things about this small fan is that it can be used as either a floor or table fan to great effect. Although it’s only 8.94×6.3×10.9-inches in size, it’s small size allows it to be used in places that larger floor fans can’t be used. It can be placed on a coffee table, on a desk or even on a nightstand. It’s also an inexpensive model, so the consumer can buy several of them for placing them all over their home. Additional features found on this model include 3 speed-settings, a 90-degree pivoting head, and a quiet construction that prevents it from disturbing people while they’re sleeping.

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#8. Xtremepower US Industrial 24-Inch Fan

It doesn’t matter if the consumer decided to use this floor fan in their garage, workshop or living room, it’s sure to help them with their air circulation needs. This product is easy-to-assemble, and once fully assembled, is capable of moving large amounts of air around a room. That’s all due to its 150-watt motor and its high-velocity metal blades. And because this model also has a pivoting head, the consumer can decide for themselves where they want it to point. It’s also equipped with a metal cage that ensures its durability and ensures that it lasts for a long time to come.

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#9. Hurricane 20-Inch Pro-Series Floor Fan

This metal floor fan is designed with a black powder coat finish that not only gives it an impressive look but also increases its durability. And speaking of durability, this fan’s powder-coated metal cage isn’t the only thing designed on this model to stand up to the test of time. It’s also designed with aluminum blades that push out air well and are designed to last a lifetime. Other features found on this quality fan include rubber feet that help it avoid marring wood surfaces and also prevent excess fan vibration and an ETL listing that tells consumers that it’s a safe fan to use in any home.

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#10. Comfort Zone 18-Inch 3-Speed Fan

This high-velocity fan is designed to sit on the floor and to provide the user with a great way to circulate air around their home. This model is 18-inches in size, has 3 variable speed settings, and has a simple rotary control that’s easy-to-use. This unit also has a low-vibration level, so it’s capable of providing air without making a whole lot of noise in the process. Another thing we like about this fan is that it can tilt a full 360-degrees, so the consumer can move air in any way that they deem suitable. And because it has a convenient carrying handle, it can be taken just about anywhere to improve air circulation.

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