If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s the fact that wood-burning fireplaces can’t be used without the most important element of all: the firewood. Without this crucial element, homeowners will just be sitting in front of an empty firebox, and they won’t be enjoying the beauty, heat, or smell of a real wood-burning fire.

As important as this element is to the fireplace, it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to find the best firewood for their needs. Some wood is too rotten or bug-infested, and other types of wood just don’t burn well. That’s why we’ve decided to find the best fireplace wood that can be used as kindling to start a fire or to keep a fire going.

Top List of Best Firewoods

#1. Plow & Hearth Boxed Fatwood Fire-Starter Set

Manufactured using pine fatwood that’s full of natural resins that allow it to burn efficiently and smell great while it’s burning, this firewood is suitable for a variety of different purposes. It can easily be used in fire pits, fireplaces or wood stoves. It’s a chemical free prodct that’s sourced from reclaimed wood, so living trees are never used to make this product. Each stick is pre-split into 8-inch pieces, so it can be used easily to start fires. All thing kept in mind, this is a great kindling product that consumers can use to get their firewood started.

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#2. Better Wood Products Fatwood Burlap Bag

This Fatwood is sourced from salvaged wood and fiber that’s sorted for quality and put through an extensive preparation process. This wood is harvested from logging waste, so consumers can rest assured that trees weren’t fell specifically to make this product. Once all of that wood is harvested, it’s then sorted according to size and heat-treated to remove any insects that might be in the wood. The result is firewood that’s great for BBQs, campfires, fire pits, wood stoves, fireplaces, or pellet stoves. It’s also a product that’s SCS Green-Cross Certified and is 100% non-toxic. And since it’s shipped in an attractive burlap bag, it’s also a product that makes a great holiday or Father’s Day gift.

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#3. Northern White Birch Logs

Although these 18-inch birch logs are suitable for use in fire pits, fireplaces, or use in campfires, their real benefit they can give to consumers is that they’re very decorative. They’re approximately 2 to 3-inches in diameter, and each set comes with 8 logs. They have a nice look to them that allows them to be placed in a firewood holder next to a fireplace or on the front porch of a home. They’re also suitable for use for a variety of craft projects. No matter how they’re used, however, the consumer is sure to be happy with these beautiful white birch logs.

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#4. Better Wood Products Fatwood Firestarter Crate

Harvested from pine tree stumps, this firestarter not only is eco-friendly but also burns extremely well because of its natural pine resin content. This product is manufactured using high-quality wood and is completely free of additives or chemicals. It’s a 100% natural product that has a beautiful pine smell to it and is suitable for not only fire pits and campfires but is also good for fireplaces and wood stoves as well. And all of this high-quality Fatwood is delivered in a wood box that’s capable of adding a decorative touch to just about any hearth. All things considered, this is a quality fire-starting product that’s worth the added cost.

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#5. Easy Go Products Fatwood Fire Starters

Without a doubt, when most people are looking for firewood, they’re worried about how it’s going to perform on the fire. Few people think about what impact the firewood they’re buying will have on the environment. Fortunately for anyone buying this wood, however, they don’t have to worry about it. That’s because this wood is sourced in a way that’s friendly to the environment. It’s sourced from leftover pine tree stumps and trees that were already downed or damaged. And then it’s processed without any petrochemicals and is delivered to the consumer to be used as high-quality fire sticks.

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#6. Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Logs

Although we do like Smoak Firewood cooking chunks, we like their wood logs even more. That’s because these 8-inch long pieces are the perfect size for firepits, open pit cooking or smoking meat. They are sourced from American forests and are not only chemical-free but are also 100% organic. They also burn extremely well and produce a smoke that’s bursting with flavor. And because every single piece of this firewood is kiln-dried, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about it burning unevenly due to moisture or being filled with invasive insects. It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking a Texas brisket, making St.Louis Style ribs or making Memphis pulled pork, this wood will give it a bit of zing.

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#7. Western Premium BBQ Products Pinon Firewood

Since we’ve covered fireplace wood, and wood for smokers and/or cooking, it’s time to talk about the firewood that’s used for fire pits and campfires. Wood-like this product from Western Premium BBQ Products. Although this wood is not suitable for any form of cooking or smoking, it does make good firewood to burn while you gather friends around a fire. It’s 100% natural wood that’s sourced in North America and has been fully heat-treated, so it’s suitable for State Parks in the U.S. These pieces of wood burn well and have a natural pine scent that does a good job of keeping bugs at bay, so everyone can enjoy the fire in peace.

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#8. Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Chunks

Not all firewood is used for fireplaces, as this product clearly illustrates. This firewood from Smoak is designed to be used in smokers or open cooking pits. It’s made of only the highest quality American sourced wood and is USDA certified to be pest-free, organic and to contain absolutely no chemicals. What that means to the professional BBQ cook or pitmaster is that they can use this product with confidence. Each box of this wood comes in fist-sized chunks that lights up well, burns well and produces a cloud of smoke that’s filled with flavor. Anyone who wants to get the most of their BBQ or smoking is going to want to try this wood out for themselves.

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#9. Wilson Enterprises Split Wood

Proudly sourced from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the U.S, this high-quality wood is ready to be used in just about any fireplace. This wood has been kiln-dried, so consumers can rest assured that it’s not only insect-free but also that it’s sterilized and will burn efficiently. This split wood is packed into a 12x12x18-inch box, so homeowners will get a good quantity of it for their fireplace or firepit. Another thing that we really like about the products this company sells is that they offer firewood in one of three different varieties. Consumers can order cherry wood, birch, or oak.

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#10. Wildwood Kindling Kiln-Dried Cedar

What some people think about when they smell cedar burning are walks along country roads, time spent at their grandparent’s house, or their time sitting in front of a roaring fire opening Christmas presents. This wood is just capable of carrying those emotional feelings as it burns. And that’s why this kindling from Wildwood kindling is such a great product. When it burns, you’ll smell that real cedar scent that’s so alluring and so magical. Each of the medium-sized boxes contains 11-inch pieces that vary in thick from .30 to .65-inches and has been kiln-dried for faster lighting.

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