A great fan can provide great benefit to everyone in the home, especially during the summer months. They not only allow for air to be properly circulated through the home, but they can also reduce the work a home’s AC has to do—which in turn, reduces energy bills. That’s why everyone should have at least one of the devices in their home.

Before buying one of these useful appliances, however, it’s properly wise to do a little bit of research first. After all, there are dozens of different varieties available, and they all have their own pros and cons. To help our readers out a little bit, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best fans currently available, so they can enjoy using one of these devices instead of looking for one.

Top List of Best Fans

#1. Hokeki Desk Air Circulator

This battery operated desk fan has a 4000 mAh battery that can be charged via a USB port and provides up to 16-hours of air flow per night. It also has a night light that “breathes,” and that makes it useful for use in bedrooms, baby rooms, or anywhere else a soothing night light is needed. This desk fan has 4-speed settings, a 90-degree rotation, and is only 8x8x3.74-inches in size, so it’s quite compact. This fan also has a child-lock function that keeps children from operating it when you don’t want them to use it. All in all, that makes this fan a great addition to any home.

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#2. Ozeri Brezza III Dual-Oscillating Air Circulator

What makes this table fan so effective is that it has dual oscillating motors, and it’s capable of both vertical and horizontal motions. It also has 4 speeds, is extremely quiet, and moves air up to 1,260 cubic feet per minute. That allows it to cool small and medium-sized rooms quite efficiently. This model is also extremely quiet, so it can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, or nurseries without worrying about the fan disturbing the occupants of those rooms. Other features found on this model include a push-button non-oscillating mode, an extended range remote control and a 4-hour timer.

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#3. OPOLAR 9-Inch USB-Powered USB Fan

This 9-inch USB fan is the perfect companion for anyone who has to spend hours on a computer every day and want to remain as cool and comfortable as possible. This fan is capable of producing an airflow of up to 4 meters per second, so it not only can cool the person in front of it, but it can also add some much-needed airflow to a room as well. It uses a brushless motor, so it’s not only reliable but also durable as well. And since it has a 360-degree adjustable tilt, this fan’s air can be directed as it’s needed. It’s a fan that easily plugs into a computer or laptops USB port and is designed to be easy-to-use.

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#4. Rowenta Turbo-Silence VU2531

This 12-inch desk fan is designed to take performance to the next level. It’s manufactured from quality components and has the features that many people like a fan to have. For example, this model has 4-speed settings and a 12-inch oscillating head that can deliver air throughout an entire room, and do it quite effectively. Its head has 5 specially engineered blades that allow them to push the air forward almost effortlessly and remain completely silent while it’s doing it. This fan is so quiet it has a decibel rating of 55 decibels or less. This allows it to be used in libraries, bedrooms, or in office cubicles without bothering the people around it.

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#5. Vornado VFan Mini-Classic

Although this personal fan is only sized to create a breeze for an individual, it does do quite the job of accomplishing that feat. This model is designed with 2 different speed settings, so the user can set it according to their own personal preferences. These fans also have multi-directional airflow, so the user has several options when setting them up at their desk or on a counter in their home. Another positive feature worth mentioning about this personal fan is that it has an iconic design that will fit in with the decor of just about any home and it’s available in one of several colors including green, white, taupe and storm grey.

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#6. Holmes 12-Inch Blizzard Air Circulator

This 12-inch rotating fan is ready to provide air circulation and possible air cooling to rooms up to 500 square feet in size. This model has an oversized carry handle, onboard cord storage and has a rotating grill that allows this fan to have the greatest possible area coverage possible. This model also has 3 different speed settings that allow the user to set the fan in a way that’s most comfortable for them. Additional features that can be found on this innovative appliance include breeze and sleep modes, an automatic shutoff timer and an included remote control for convenience.

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#7. Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Air Circulator

This shop fan is built in the United States from quality components and is designed to be dust-resistant, durable, and to provide the air flow that workshops or factories need. This model has a 10-foot ground power cord that not only allows this fan to be placed a good distance away from an electrical outlet but also helps to make the fan safer to use. This fan also has a 3-speed setting, multi-directional airflow and has a ball-bearing motor that doesn’t require the user to oil it ever. And since it has a steel base and body, this fan can hold up to a variety of tough conditions without breaking down.

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#8. Woozoo HD18NY Whole Room Circulator

Although this small fan is only 11.42-inches long, 7.48-inches wide and 11.42-inches high, it’s capable of moving quite a bit of air around a room. In fact, it can provide up to 275 square feet of coverage, so an entire room can enjoy the benefits of increased air circulation. This model has a 72-inch cord that allows it to be placed just about anywhere and it has 3 speed-settings for convenience. It also has 6 different vertical settings, so the user has more options available to them when they’re setting it up. And since this model is very quiet, it can easily be used in bedrooms or other areas of the home where silence is needed.

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#9. Air Choice 43-Inch Bladeless Oscillating Tower

This tower fan is approximately 43-inches tall and oscillates so it can move more air around the home than a conventional box fan. This model features 3 different speeds, has an electronic timer that can be programmed for 7.5-hour stretches, and it also comes with an included remote control for convenience. This remote control will control the fan from a distance of up to 20-feet, which is a range that’s suitable for all but the largest of rooms. Since this appliance runs quietly, it can be placed in bedrooms quite easily and is an ideal way to increase a person’s comfort while they’re sleeping.

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#10. Honeywell Double Blade 16

This pedestal fan measures 18x15x48-inches and has a double blade configuration that helps to deliver up to 15% more airflow than comparable models. This product has 3-speed settings, so the homeowner can get just the right amount of airflow in their home and do it without receiving too much or too little. This model also has a remote control, so it can be set from across the room, and it has oscillation, so no part of a room is neglected. It’s not only capable of increasing airflow in a person’s home, but it will also reduce summer cooling costs, which helps this fan pay for itself in no time flat.

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