Electric fireplaces are a great way for anyone to add supplemental heating to their home. Not only do these models come in a number of beautiful styles, but they also provide a good deal of heat. And probably the best thing of all about these fireplaces is the fact that they are safe to use and homeowners don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide buildup, like they may have to with other types of fireplaces.

Just because these fireplaces are safe, warm, and look good doesn’t mean that every single one of them is a great one to place in the home. As is the case with any type of heating accessory, there are models that are wonderful, models that are merely mediocre and models people should stay away from. In this article, we’re going to cover the ones that are the best electric fireplaces available.

Top List of Best Electric Fireplaces

#1. Puraflame Alice Wall 68-Inch Mounted Fireplace

This 68-inch electric fireplace is designed to be wall mounted, and either plugged into a wall outlet or hardwired into the home’s electrical grid. Once this installation has been completed, however, this model has some features that will really delight anyone who has gone through the trouble of installing it. Some of the features that can be found in this unit include ultra-high intensity LED lights, a beautiful log and crystal set, two different heat settings, and an easy-to-use thermostat. This model can heat a room up to 400-square feet in size, and look good while it’s doing it.

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#2. Touchstone Sideline 50-Inch Wall Recessed Fireplace

Although this electric fireplace does need to be installed inside a wall, which makes it more complicated to set up than comparable electric models, it is one of the nicest looking models available. It’s approximately 50-inches wide and is equipped with 3 realistic flame colors and 5 different flame settings. It also has two heat settings: a low setting and a high setting. Since the heat vents are located on the front of this unit, it heats those who are sitting directly in front of it and can heat a room up to 400-square feet in size. And since this fireplace comes with fake fire logs and crystals, it provides an effect that other fireplaces simply can’t replicate.

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#3. Flameline Dannis 50-Inch Recessed Fireplace Heater

This 50-inch fireplace is designed to be recessed in a wall and adds elegance to any room it’s installed. This model is approximately 50×5.5×21.65-inches and provides 5,100 BTU of heat, so it’s capable of heating a room up to 450 square feet in size. This model doesn’t require any vents or chimneys to be installed for it to be fully operational. This model has LED flame effects that can be adjusted to one of three different colors and looks like real dancing flames. And probably one of the best things about this electric fireplace is that it can be operated with or without heat, so it can be used all year round.

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#4. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

This beautiful infrared quartz fireplace stove features realistic 3D flame effects that can be used with or without heat. However, that’s not the only feature worth mentioning on this product. It also produces up to 5,200 BTU of heat, more than enough to provide supplemental heating to approximately 1,000 square feet of space. This model also comes with remote control and is cool to the touch, so it can be safely used around both pets and children. Additional features found on this model include a digital thermostat, overheat protection, and infrared quartz heat that maintains the air’s natural humidity levels.

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#5. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

This 23-inch fireplace is located right in the middle of a television console that’s capable of holding televisions up to 70-inches wide, and with a maximum weight of 120 pounds. This product is made with laminated particleboard, metal hardware, and tempered glass to make a TV stand that not only looks good but has a sleek modern touch to it. This model also features 6 open shelves for housing audio components, Blu-Ray players, or video game consoles. This fireplace insert can have its flame brightness fully adjusted, and the flames can be used either with or without heat.

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#6. Real Flame Crawford White Fireplace

Constructed from real wood with an Ivory-white exterior, this high-quality electric fireplace is ready for some serious action. This model includes not only the firebox but also the mantel and comes with an anti-topple safety device that prevents it from being pulled over. It’s a 1,400-watt model, so it’s capable of providing up to 4,700 BTUs of heat per hour. This model only is 9.5-inches deep and is trimmed with fluted columns that make it look like it’s an actual built-in fireplace. Other features found on this model include a thermostat that can be programmed and has a timer function, realistic LED flame effects, and adjustable brightness settings.

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#7. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Bookcase Fireplace

Anyone who has dreamed of curling up with their favorite book in front of a roaring fire will appreciate this fireplace bookcase. This model features an electric space heater that can provide heat for a room up to 400-feet in size and features simulated life-like flames and logs. This model also has bookcase-type shelves that can hold a variety of books and has a mantle that can support a TV that’s approximately 68.25-inches wide with a base of 40-inches. This model does require some assembled, but once assembled, it’s a beautiful unit that’s sure to become the centerpiece of whatever room it’s placed in.

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#8. Best Choice Products Electric Insert

Although this electric fireplace insert does require installation that includes it being placed into a suitable wall enclosure and hardwired, it does provide great supplemental heating and has beautiful light effects. This CSA-certified fireplace is completely vent-free and comes equipped with a safety cut-off switch that turns it off if it overheats. This model comes with 5-levels of brightness and two heat settings: a 750-watt setting and a 1,500-watt setting. This fireplace also comes with remote control and is approximately 28.5x6x21-inches in size. It’s a beautiful looking fireplace that’s a welcome addition to many homes.

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#9. Pleasant Hearth Sheridan Mobile Fireplace

This fireplace model is great for people who want to enjoy the heat and the beauty of a fireplace, but they don’t want to have to do a lot of construction work in order to enjoy it. Fortunately, this model doesn’t require a firebox, venting, or specialized wiring for it to be used. It even comes fully assembled, so the user doesn’t even have to put it together. All that has to be done is to plug it into a standard outlet and enjoy its 5-levels of heat and 3-levels of flame. And probably best of all, this 5,200 BTU fireplace is capable of providing supplemental heating for up to 1,000 square feet.

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#10. Ameriwood Home Farmington Fireplace TV Console

When some people think of electric fireplaces, they think of models that fit into the standard home firebox or ones that are stand-alone models. Never in a million years would these people think that these type of fireplaces could be placed in a television console like this one. Fortunately, all of these people are going to get a look at the ways these fireplaces can be used. This TV console fireplace is able to hold a television up to 60-inches wide and one that doesn’t weight more than 95 pounds. This console has a 23-inch fireplace insert with remote control, so the user can control its LED lights and its heat level as well.

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