When the summer months approach, those sticky days and nights do too. To stay cool, a cooling room fan is a must have in any household. this is especially important when you have kids and pets to think about. Even if it’s just you, it’s hard to work in an office when you are wiping sweat from your brow all day.

The best cooling fans for rooms will have various settings, be energy efficient and be able to cover a large space. Depending on whether you need something to help the whole family, or just take the edge off the heat, we have selected something for everyone in our top ten list.

Top List of Best Cooling Fans For Rooms

#1. ANSIO Tower Fan 30-inch with Remote For Home and Office

Made from durable materials, this tower fan has a large reach and is built to last. What is impressive is the 7.5-hour timer so you can put it on for your pets when you are out. This can be amended to last in increments of 30 minutes which gives you more options than most on the market. Not only are there 3-speed settings, but it pushes out 3 different types of wind, so you can choose from normal, nature, as well as a taper. There is a remote control included and it is one of the easiest fans to use. Many people are drawn to this excellent cooling fan for any room because of its power and the 2-year warranty.

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#2. Holmes 12-Inch Fan

This neat contraption can help cool you down when the temperature rises and follows you from room to room with ease thanks to its compact design. There are 3-speed settings to choose from and they can all be amended via the remote control. The grill rotates to give it a wide scope although it isn’t big enough to cool the whole house it has an impressive 500 m2 range and it is great for using it in an office or bedroom where you can direct it towards the bed. Keep in mind that the motor is more powerful than it looks and this can generate enough cool air to make peak summer bearable.

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#3. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches

This is a more direct fan than the Dyson AM07 and uses the same technology to deliver blade-free cool air. It uses less energy but does not have the same amount of power. Still, it is surprisingly good at cooling a room and is compact enough to put onto a desk or beside a bed at night. The unique design of Dyson fans is a draw for some people and it is certainly impressive. Another feature it shares with the larger unit is the sleep timer where you can program it to turn off anywhere between 15 minutes to 9 hours.

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#4. Lasko 1843 18″ Cyclone Pedestal Fan

One of the most powerful fans on the list thanks to its widespread oscillating. It is also impressive Because of the adjustable height that can be moved up to 55″ to push out the 3-speed options wherever you are. A lot of cooling fans for rooms are adjustable, but not the head itself. The head of this pedestal fan tilts up and down so you can push the cool air to all corners of the room. The built-in timer can be set to 1,2, & 4 hours so you can set it to turn off halfway through your nights’ sleep.

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#5. Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine Fan

This convenient fan can be moved from room to room easily and is more powerful than its size suggests. It has a quiet motor that makes it great for using at night and most people use it for their offices and bedrooms. The 5 blade system delivers the 3-speed settings whilst keeping electric bills down. The carry handle at the top is what makes it so portable and it is the sort of cooling fan for rooms that is handy to keep around. Because it is only 20″ tall it can be used right out the box without any installation required.

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#6. Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan

This impressive double-blade fan is one of the best value when looking for cooling fans for rooms. There are 3-speed settings and an oscillating feature that allows it to turn as it blasts cool air around the room. You can also change the 3 airflow options, using the constant, variable, and breezy options. The reliable blades provide a great way to stay cool when personal fans just aren’t enough. Although it isn’t whisper-quiet, many people like it because it is a pedestal fan that has a remote control which is something that can be hard to find, especially at this price.

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#7. Dyson 63456-01 Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

One of the most impressive cooling fans for rooms comes from the famous Dyson brand, and this one has no blades and modern design. In terms of performance, it is has a lot of power as it draws in the surrounding air, pushing it out a rate of 500l/s. It is also very quiet so you can use it in children’s rooms at night and only uses a minimal amount of energy. You can also use preset intervals to turn it off, choose anything between 15 minutes to 9 hours. There are 10 airflow settings to choose from and they can all be programmed via the remote control.

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#8. Vornado CR1-0121-06 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

The convenience of this small fan means it stays out the way whilst providing cool air to large rooms. It moves air up to 100 ft and comes with a 6ft cord to allow you to move it around the room easily. Many people say it is the ideal fan for smaller rooms because it makes virtually no noise and even the lower settings are powerful. Guaranteed for 5 years, it features 4 speeds which are easy to change on top of the fan as it circulates air in the whole room, instead of just pushing it from side to side.

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#9. KLARSTEIN Neo Stream

This energy-efficient fan stands tall to deliver a widespread blast of cool air, helping the family to stay cool when the temperatures soar. Many parents like the timer function because it allows them to give their children cool air, knowing it turns off in the night. This can be set anywhere between 1 to 7 hours at a time. Because the head tilts, it allows you to push the air into different areas, tilt it up to 90 degrees. With 8 different speed settings and 3 different types of breeze, it is one of the most customisable cooling fans for rooms available.

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