Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home for any number of different reasons. They not only can improve the décor in a room, but they can also provide the homeowner with much-needed air circulation. Probably the best thing about these fans, however, is that they make the home more energy efficient. In other words, they keep a room cooler in hotter weather and can help drive heat back towards the floor to keep rooms warm in the winter. And another added benefit to using these fans is that they’re also safer to use than box fans because homeowners don’t have to worry about children sticking their fingers in it. It’s for all of these reasons that we decided to review the ten best ceiling-mounted fans that are available.

Top List of Best Ceiling Fans

#1. Monte Carlo Mini 20-Inch Brushed Steel Fan

When it comes to finding a ceiling fan that meets your needs, sometimes larger isn’t better. After all, not everyone can or wants to install a mammoth ceiling fan in their home. Sometimes, all they need is a smaller fan that’s still capable of moving air around the room but doesn’t sound like a jet engine. And that’s where this fan comes in handy. It’s only about 12-inches high and can be used on lower ceilings that have a minimum height of 7.75-feet. However, just because its small doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful because it is, and it’s capable of moving over 1,700 cubic feet of air per minute.

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#2. Hunter Fan Co. 48-Inch Sea Wind Fan

When most people consider buying a new ceiling fan, they probably consider two important features: The power of the fan’s motor and just how quiet the fan operates. Fortunately, this fan model gets high marks in both of these areas. It has a powerful motor that moves the 48-inch 13-degree pitched blades and really moves a large volume of air through a room. Because the motor is also reversible, this fan is not only suitable for use during the summer but can also be used during the winter months. And since it has a stylish Sea Wind design, it can be the centerpiece of just about any room.

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#3. Casa Vieja 60-Inch Bronze-Finished Fan

As long as the ceiling in which this ceiling fan is mounted is at least 10-feet high, and the area has the suitable electrical hookups, this fan will work great in just about any room. With a 60-inch blade span and a 7.4-inch engine, this fan is ready to move some serious air around the room. This model also has a 22-degree blade pitch and features three bronze finish metal blades. And it’s capable of holding one light bulb to add additional lighting to a room. Overall, this high-quality ceiling fan provides the look, the power, and the style that anyone could want for their family room, sunroom or enclosed porch.

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#4. 52-Inch Studio Series Lighted Ceiling Fan

With a Classic Studio design and 4 built-in lights, this ceiling fan is sure to bring some style to any room. It features a motor that’s not only powerful but is also extremely quiet, so it can be used on high even when the family is watching prime time television with it on high. And since this motor is reversible, it will bring just as many benefits during the winter months as it does during the summer months. This fan also features 5 walnut composite blades and it’s trimmed in brushed nicked. It’s no wonder that this fan has become quite popular over the past year.

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#5. Westinghouse Lighting Brentford 52-Inch Fan

A rustic design, a lifetime warranty on the motor and excellent installation instructions and hardware aren’t the only things worth mentioning about this ceiling fan. it’s also worth mentioning that it’s powerful motor and blades can really move air through a room and do it quite efficiently. Without its light being on, this fan consumes under 60-watts of energy and yet is capable of moving over 5,000+ CFM of air throughout a room. That means that’s it can move over 90+ CFM per minute per watt. That’s incredible energy efficiency for this powerful fan. And that’s why it makes a great centerpiece fan for any room.

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#6. Hunter Fan Company 52-Inch Professional Fan

This 52-inch ceiling fan has a professional look to it and delivers some of the best air movement of any ceiling fan. That’s because it not only has a 13-degree blade pitch but also because it has a high-powered motor that can move over 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute when it’s set at its highest speed. This makes it extremely useful during hot summer months, but it’s also equally useful during cold winter months because its motor is reversible. Since its the motor is reversible, it can move air from the ceiling to the floor, thereby saving the homeowner on winter energy bills and keeping the room nice and comfortable.

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#7. Bright Watts 52-Inch Classic Fan

The company that makes this impressive ceiling fan has been making fans for almost 4-decades now, so it’s no wonder that this one is built with such style and precision. This 52-inch fan is large enough to be used in rooms as large as 400-square feet and can be mounted either with a standard mount or flush mounted to the ceiling. This fan will move cool air in the summer months and can be reversed so that it moves warm air in the winter months. These best thing about this fan is that it has a classic look to it with beautiful espresso-colored blades and a light shade that looks like it was inspired by the light shades of the 1930s and 1940s.

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#8. Key Biscayne 54-Inch Weatherized Ceiling Fan

Installing a modern-looking fan in a home that’s designed in a rustic style can be a huge mistake. That’s because modern ceiling fans stand out like sore thumbs in these type of environments, and that’s why this fan is such a lifesaver. It’s designed in a rustic style and features weathered-looking gray pine blades that give it a rustic look but still provides modern performance. This ETL-rated fan can easily be installed in kitchens, living rooms, sunrooms, or bedrooms, and it has a 3-position mounting system that gives the homeowner some installation options. It’s a great working fan that has its own sense of style.

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#9. Portage Bay 52-Inch West Hill Fan

Simplicity and elegance come together well in this Portage Bay West Hill fan. It has a beautiful matte black walnut finish and beautiful styling that makes it the centerpiece of any room it’s installed in. It’s equipped with 5 reversible blades that have a 12-degree pitch angle, and it also has a reversible motor that can be set to one of three different speeds. That allows this quality ceiling fan to cool warm rooms during the summer months and to warm cool rooms during the winter months. This not only makes the room more comfortable but also provides the homeowner with energy savings as well.

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#10. Litex Vortex 30-Inch Reversible Fan

With a white finish and a large mushroom glass light cover, this ceiling fan has a classic style that makes it a great addition to just about any room. This fan has been designed from the ground up to provide the cooling power a homeowner needs to cool down even large rooms. It’s also crafted so that it presents a sense of style that few other fans can match. And because it’s made with such care and quality, the manufacturer backs this fan up with a 15-year limited warranty. This fan uses one A15 light bulb, either conventional or LED, and its motor is also super quiet.

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

A Buying Guide For Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great tools for not only keeping a home cool during the hot summer months but also increase the efficiency of your home’s furnace during the winter months. They’re products that aren’t very expensive, work extremely well, and last a long time. All the consumer has to do is to make sure that they do their due diligence and purchase the best ceiling fan for their home. To aid our readers to achieve that goal, we’ve created this simple guide that provides all of the information the consumer needs to make an informed buying decision. 

The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Let’s begin this guide by talking about some of the benefits that ceiling fans provide. No, don’t worry, this section isn’t going to be too long, we just want to cover a few basics before we head into the buying advice section of this guide.

  • Ceiling fans circulate air.
  • They improve the décor of a room. 
  • Ceiling fans reduce the workload of an air conditioner or furnace.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans can help to clear away pests such as mosquitoes or flies.
  • Ceiling fans don’t consume a lot of power. 

Step One: Choose Your Budget

The first step to choosing a great ceiling fan is to make sure that you have a good idea of your budget. Ceiling fans come in a variety of different price categories—from budget models all the way up to expensive luxury models, so it’s important to think about what amount of money you want to spend before you purchase your next ceiling fan. 

Budget Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in this category are usually around the $100 price mark. These are the basic ceiling fans with maybe a light and a pull-chain. These are great for apartments or to use as a starter ceiling fan for a home. 

Mid-Range Ceiling Fans

The next type of ceiling fans are fans that are within the $200 to $300 price range. Fans in this budget are good for small offices or homes. They come in a variety of different styles and have more options than budget fans but not as many as high-end models. These models usually have special features such as integrated lighting and are good for homes and condos. 

High-End Ceiling Fans

Our last category of ceiling fans is the ones that are in the high-end range. These fans cost in excess of $300 and come with all kinds of different features. Some models might have handcrafted light fixtures, a range of lighting options, or specially crafted blades. These fans are good for high-end homes, or retail spaces. 

Step Two: Consider Where It’s Going To Be Installed

The next thing that the consumer needs to think about is where the ceiling fan is going to be installed. When it comes to these types of fans, consumers generally have three options available to them. There are dry-rated ceiling fans that are only designed for use inside of the home, damp-rated fans for porches, and wet-rated fans for outdoor use. 

Although wet-rated fans are probably the most versatile of the three different types because it can be used inside or outside, dry-rated fans are the least versatile and can only be used inside. It’s important to never use a dry-rated fan in a damp or wet environment, so be sure to purchase the right fan for where it’s going to be installed. 

Step Three: Choose A Ceiling Fan Size

The next thing that the consumer needs to concern themselves with is the size of the ceiling fan they need. And this is more of a personal decision that consumers need to think about and each person might choose a different size for their needs. These fans come in sizes from 14-inches up to 72-inches, so the consumer is going to want to base their ceiling fan size on the size of their room. Below are some standard room sizes along with a recommendation for a fan size that fits that room perfectly.

  • Under 150 Square Feet: A Ceiling Fan Less Than 42-Inches In Size.
  • 150 To 225 Square Feet: A Ceiling Fan That’s 44 to 50-Inches In Size.
  • 225 To 400 Square Feet: A Ceiling Fan 50-Inches To 62-Inches In Size. 
  • Over 400 Square Feet: A Ceiling Fan That’s Over 62-Inches In Size.

Step Four: Choose A Mounting Style

The last thing that the consumer should consider is how the fan is mounted. Ceiling fans are installed using a standard installation,  a flush mount installation, an extended down-rod installation, or a sloped installation. Let’s examine each of these installation types and see in which circumstances they’re used. 

  • Standard: For Rooms With 8 To 10-Foot Ceilings.
  • Flush Mount: For Rooms With Ceilings Less Than 8-Feet.
  • Extended Down-Rod: For Rooms With Ceilings Higher Than 10-Feet.
  • Sloped: For Ceilings That Aren’t Flat But Are Instead Curved.