Without a doubt, bathrooms need exhaust fans to keep air quality at its best. Although most people don’t think twice about the fan that hangs in the ceiling of their bathroom, the truth is that this fan does a whole lot more than just clear out bad odors. This fan also removes humidity, which if left unchecked, can lead to mold and mildew. That’s why everyone needs to have one of these fans properly installed in their bathroom.

Now that we’ve brought the issue to the forefront of your mind, some of you may be wondering how you can install or upgrade the fan in your bathroom. Fortunately, we have the answer to that question. After considerable research, we’ve found ten of the best bathroom exhaust fans that are currently being sold. And for everyone’s convenience, we’ve listed them below.

Top List of Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

#1. Panasonic Whisper Bathroom Ceiling Fan

This product is manufactured by Panasonic, a company that’s known for its innovative solutions. So it’s no wonder that this product is not only one of the quietest models available, but is also one of the most powerful and durable units, too. It has a speed selector that allows consumers to choose from 110, 130 or 150 cubic-feet-per-minute settings, and it operates with a noise level of only 0.3 sones. It has an easy-to-use installation bracket that makes installing it a breeze, and it also contains a high-quality ECM motor that’s designed to provide the homeowner with years of faithful service.

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#2. Delta Breeze Integrity Exhaust Fan With LED Light

The Delta Breeze Integrity is an exhaust fan that can be placed into any bathroom and used to great effect. It’s designed to run continuously for a minimum of 70,000 hours and has a rated airflow of approximately 100 cubic-feet-per-minute. It also has a sound rating of 1.5 sones, which doesn’t make it the quietest exhaust fan on this list, but doesn’t make it the loudest either. It’s also an Energy-Star compliant model that has a power consumption of only 17-watts. It’s also equipped with a dimmable edge-lit LED light that allows it to be used as a nightlight.

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#3. Broan Ultra-Quiet Energy Star Certified Fan

This Energy-Star certified bathroom fan is not only capable of operating between 80 and 150 CFM, which is powerful enough for bathrooms up to 75-feet in size, but it’s capable of doing it while operating at only 0.3 sones. That makes it an extremely powerful and quiet unit that will work well in anyone’s home. Because it’s Energy-Etar certified, it uses less energy than comparable fans and because of its compact size, it only needs a 2×8-inch space to be properly installed. If the user installs a GFCI protected circuit on their service, they can even install over bathtubs or showers.

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#4. Broan-Nutone 689 Ventilation Fan

Designed to be easily installed between ceiling joists, this ventilation fan can be located just about anywhere. It can move up to 60 cubic feet of air per minute and it has a sound rating of 5.5 sones. This product has a classic look to it as well, so it fits in with just about any type of modern decore. Because it uses torsion springs for mounting the grill, it’s also easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools for installation. All of these features make this fan suitable for any bathroom that’s 55 square feet or smaller and makes it a fan that’s sure to provide the homeowner with years of service.

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#5. Panasonic Whisper 110-CFM Mounted Fan

Even though this exhaust fans price-tag may put it out of the reach of many homeowners, it is one of the better bathroom exhaust fans currently available. It operates at a sound level of only 0.7-sones, moves 110 cubic feet of air per minute, and has a classic look that allows it to fit in with the decor of any bathroom. It’s also equipped with a trouble-free motor that’s designed to operate for years without fail. And because it can be easily installed into any conventional 2×8 opening, a great number of people can install this unit than they can similar exhaust units.

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#6. Broan-Nutone In-Vent Single Speed Bathroom Fan

Although this isn’t the quietest fan we’ve reviewed, having a sound index of approximately 1.5-sones, it does have several other benefits to offer homeowners. The first benefit it can provide is its cost. This model is a third of the price of many of the deluxe bathroom fans available nowadays, so it’s a great option for rental property owners who may need to change the bath fans of several units at a time. It’s also easy to install by just about anyone. Since it moves approximately 80 cubic feet of air per minute, it’s also suitable for any bathroom 75 square feet or smaller in size.

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#7. Panasonic Whisper Fit EZ Fan

Any bathroom exhaust fan that operates under 1-sone is considered to be extremely quiet, and this model just so happens to operate at 0.03 sone. That means that it’s even quieter than a whisper, so homeowners won’t be annoyed by it, even as it continues to effectively circulate the air in their bathroom. This model is also easy-to-install and can be used with either 4-inch or 6-inch exhaust ducts. Since it removes up to 110 cubic feet of air from the room at a time, it can not only greatly reduce bathroom humidity but can also remove mold, germs, and bacteria from the bathroom. This results in fewer bathroom odors and better quality air.

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#8. Broan 110-CFM Exhaust Fan With Fluorescent Light

This exhaust fan may cost more than comparable models, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve that makes it an interesting bathroom fan that consumers may want to consider. Not only does this product have a 110 cubic-foot-per-minute fan capacity, but it’s also equipped with a 36-watt fluorescent light. This light, along with its decorative grille, will make this unit the centerpiece of any bathroom. And because it can be equipped with a 4-watt night light, it can also allow people using the facilities in the middle of the night to see what they’re doing without having to turn on a bright light.

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#9. Delta Electronics SLM70 Breeze Slim

With a noise level of only two sones, this is one of the more quieter economy bathroom fans currently available. This Energy Star compliant fan is designed with exacting standards in mind so that it operates the way the homeowner expects a quality bath fan to operate. It’s made with a DC brushless motor that’s designed for added durability, and it has an indicator light that lets the homeowner know that it’s running. This product has a grill size of 9.37×10.75-inches and can move approximately 70 cubic feet of air per minute. And because of its low-price, it’s a fan that can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

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#10. Air King BFQ 140 High-Performance Bath Fan

This Air King Bath Fan is designed to be easy to install, to be extremely affordable, and to be long-lasting. It uses a special plastic housing that’s quiet and won’t ever rust, unlike some of its competitors that use metal housing to install into the ceiling. Since it used a plastic housing, it’s also less prone to the vibration that fans with metal housing often begin to develop when they get old. This product also has a snap-in installation system that makes it easy for just about anyone to install. And since it moves 120 cubic-feet of air per minute, it’s suitable for a variety of bathroom sizes.

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Unsure? Here are some suggestions directly from Amazon:

A Guide To Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Although there are a ton of different bathroom vents to choose from, many people have a difficult time deciding which one is right for them. And that’s not surprising considering that there aren’t a whole lot of different sources giving out good information about these products. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and write a guide that should help everyone choose the best bathroom exhaust fan for their needs. 

Step One: Consider Air Flow Capacity

The first thing that the consumer should consider when buying a new bathroom exhaust fan is the airflow capacity of the unit. Each fan has an airflow capacity that’s rated in CFM—or cubic feet per minute. To determine what CFM rating you need your fan to have, you need to figure out the floor space of your bathroom. For every square-foot of bathroom space, the exhaust fan should have 1 CFM of airflow capacity. Sounds simple, right? Well, yes and no. People with bathrooms over 100 square feet need to consider other things as well.

If you have over 100 square feet of bathroom space, then you not only need to start with the airflow rating appropriate for the size of the bathroom, but you also have to factor in an extra 50 CFM for every toilet, bath or shower; and 100 CFM for each additional whirlpool. For example, if you have a 200 square-foot bathroom with two toilets, a shower, and a bath, then you are going to need a 400 CFM exhaust fan to handle the load. 

Step Two: Consider Energy Efficiency

Another thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is the energy efficiency of the unit in question. For best results, try to choose a bathroom ventilation system that’s Energy Star rated. That’s because Energy Star rated fans can lose up to 60% less energy than models that aren’t rated. That makes them a good investment, especially if you plan on using your bathroom fan a lot. 

Step Three: Let’s Talk About Noise

One of the biggest problems that many people have with bathroom exhaust fans is that some of them can be extremely noisy. And when we say noisy, we mean really, really noisy. If this is a concern for you, then you should try to choose a fan that’s built to be quiet. And you can find one of these fans by examining the unit’s sones level.

The sones level is a scale that represents the degrees of loudness. Fans that are in excess of 4 sones are considered to be very noisy. Fans that are only 1.5 to 2 sones are considered to have reasonable sound levels, and fans with a sound level of 2.0 sones or lower are considered to be extremely quiet. 

Step Four: Consider Other Options

Of course, the first three steps in choosing the best bathroom exhaust fan for your needs is just the preliminary work required. There are other features for people to consider, of course. Features that can mean the difference between a basic bathroom exhaust fan model and a quite sophisticated model. Below are a handful of some of the features that anyone looking to add a new fan to their bathroom is going to want to consider. 

Built-In Heaters

One of the most remarkable additions that have been made to bathroom fans over the last few decades are models with built-in heaters. These heaters can allow the homeowner to add a little bit of secondary heating to their bathroom. They work because they have infrared heating lamps that add the heat necessary and this is often controlled by a simple thermostat. 

Overhead Lighting

Another great feature found on some of the more advanced fans is overhead lighting. This lighting either comes on when the fan is turned on, can be turned on separately from the fan, or is motion-controlled. Of course, which one of these three options that are needed all depends on what the consumer needs and wants. 

Night Lights

Some bathroom exhaust fans don’t have lights but instead are equipped with night lights. This can be less of a jarring way to add a little bit of light to the bathroom. Having a nightlight instead of an ordinary light can also reduce the amount of power the fan uses, so if you only need a little bit of light for those late-night bathroom trips, then choosing a model with a nightlight is probably the best way to go. 

Humidity Sensing

Humidity sensing is another great feature that some consumers are going to want to consider when buying a new bathroom exhaust fan. These models can either alert the homeowner to high humidity levels, and some of them can even start up on their own to remove excess moisture from the bathroom when it detects it. 

Motion Sensors

Although we briefly covered motion sensors in models that had motion-activated lights, we now want to talk about this feature in models that are completely controlled by motion sensors. These models can turn on automatically whenever anyone enters the bathroom and automatically shut themselves off after a predetermined amount of time.