Baseboard heaters are a great way for homeowners to add a bit of supplemental heating to a room. Most homes have that one room, or a particular spot in a room, that’s just cold and won’t ever warm up in the winter, and those are perfect areas for these types of heaters. These heaters are also suitable for rooms such as porches that aren’t connected via ducts to the home’s furnace and therefore are always cold.

And although there isn’t a tremendously large selection of these heaters, there are enough of them that consumers really can pick and choose what they like. Having said that, we’d like to introduce ten of them, so our readers can find one that suits their needs. Below are the ten best baseboard heaters that we’ve found and that we feel would be a good fit in anyone’s homes.

Top List of Best Baseboard Heaters

#1. King 6-Foot Convective Heater

This baseboard heater is made in the U.S from quality components, is designed with an aluminum ribbon-fin element, and has a dent-resistant die-form cover. This durable design allows this heater to provide years of faithful service to the homeowner, and do it without them having to worry about maintenance. Since this model uses convective heat, it doesn’t require a blower and doesn’t cast dust into a room. And because it can be wired at either end, it’s easy to install, too. All of these things come together to make this one of the best heaters currently available and one worth checking out.

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#2. King K-Series 4-Foot Baseboard Heater

This baseboard heater is designed to be easy-to-install, to have a maintenance-free design, and to operate almost silently. And it does all of those things quite well. It can be wired at either end, doesn’t have a blower that can break and since it’s a convective heater, it’s very quiet. That’s not the only great things about these heaters, however. They also don’t blow dust into the air the same way that other heaters do, and it’s made with a crush-proof aluminum element that’s durable. And above all else, it’s also a unit that just looks good in a room.

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#3. Cadet Manufacturing Hardwired Electric Heater

Even though this baseboard heater might require professional installation by an electrician, and also doesn’t come with a thermostat because it’s sold-separately, it’s still a heater that many homeowners are going to want to take a closer look at. That’s because this model does do an amazing job of providing supplemental heating to a room, and is extremely durable and reliable. It has a steel case and is powder-coated, so it can stand up to scratches and nicks very well. It also features a high-temperature shut-off switch that prevents it from overheating. All things considered, it’s a great unit that will work well in any room.

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#4. Fahrenheat Portable Room Heater

This is another baseboard heater that doesn’t require professional installation for homeowners to get a lot of benefit out of it. It has an attractive design that fits in with any decor and it can easily be set up and used in bedrooms, dens, or dining rooms. It also features a built-in thermostat that and high-impact end panels with built-in handles. Other key features found on this heater include a power light and an attractive chimney fin element design. And finally, it has a power cord that is long enough so that this unit doesn’t have to be placed directly in front of an electrical outlet, giving the homeowner some flexibility in where they place it.

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#5. Optimus 30-Inch Baseboard Heater With Thermostat

Unlike some of the other baseboard heaters on this list, the Optimus H-3603 doesn’t have to be installed by an electrician. That’s because it sits along the baseboard and comes with a power cord that can be plugged into the nearest outlet. That allows it to be used in not just one room, but it can be moved to any room in the home. It even has a built-in carrying handle that makes it a lot easier to move it around. Another thing to like about this heater is that it has a built-in automatic thermostat control, has an internal heat-limiting thermostat, and has a tip-over safety switch.

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#6. Heat Wave 25-Inch Convection Heater

Even though the vast majority of the baseboard heaters that are currently being sold have a white color to them, this one is a little bit different and is instead a nice black color. This allows it to blend in with the decor of some rooms better than the white-colored models. However, just because this model looks different doesn’t mean that it doesn’t operate just as well as its competitors, and in some cases work even better than its competitors. This 1,000-watt heater has 2-different heat settings and is capable of warming up a room up to 400 square feet in size.

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#7. Fahrenheat PLF1504 Navajo White Heater

This baseboard heater is designed to give the consumer the maximum amount of heating efficiency, but do it in a maintenance-free and safe manner. This heater has a beautiful white color and has a low profile that allows it to be easily placed into living rooms or bedrooms, dens, or dining rooms. It’s a hydronic model, so it doesn’t require a fan to operate, and that results in better energy-efficiency and less dust being kicked up during operation. And because the outside of the unit stays cool to the touch, it’s a heater that’s safe to use in a home with children and pets.

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#8. Cadet Manufacturing 48-Inch Electric Zone Heater

Although this 48-inch baseboard heater might have a classic look to it, some of its features are not at all that common. For example, this heater is equipped with nylon bushings for noise-control, can be wired at either end, it has a pre-punched case that makes installation a breeze, and it has a steel-sheathed aluminum fin heating element. Although it isn’t equipped with a thermostat because that is sold separately, it is equipped with a high-temperature shut-off switch that turns it off if it gets too hot. That makes this UL-listed heater safe for any home to use.

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#9. Marley Navajo White Baseboard Heater

This hydronic heater is designed to spread radiating warm around it so that the room it’s installed in is a little bit warmer. Since this model uses natural convection airflow, it not only doesn’t depend on a blower to work but it also won’t kick up a whole lot of dust while it’s heating the room. And unlike some of the lesser quality heaters commonly sold in big box stores, this model won’t make a pinging or popping sound when it’s heating up. That allows it to be placed in a room and fade into the background so that people tend to forget that it is even there at all.

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#10. Dimplex Linear Convector Heater

With a pleasant white color that fits in with just about any room’s decor, this baseboard heater is ready to make any home a little bit warmer. It’s made out of 22-gauge steel that’s been powder coated, so it’s designed to provide years upon years of use. This 500-watt model also has a front air intake and a temperature dial that can be set from “1” to “10”. Another fine feature that can be found on this heater is a top warm air discharge that takes the chill out of cold spots quickly. And although it does require installation by an electrician, it’s set up to make that installation simple.

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